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Popular NYC Restaurant SUED

You Let Celebs SMOKE WEED In the Basement

9/13/2012 3:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the hottest restaurants in NYC has a hidden room where stars secretly get BAKED OUT OF THEIR MINDS ... while eating delicious Chinese food ... this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

The restaurant at the center of the controversy is Philippe Restaurant in Midtown ... which feeds expensive Asian cuisine to stars from the likes of Rihanna to Woody Allen.

But according to a new lawsuit filed by 4 employees, the guys who run the joint frequently give permission to some of their famous clients to smoke herb in a private basement dining area.

The employees don't name the celebrity pot-smokers -- but do note that rappers Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj have dined in the basement.

In the suit, the employees claim they were forced to serve the stoner clientele ... "which exposed them to smoke from a harmful and illegal substance."

One employee claims he was fired after complaining to management about not being able to breathe while working in the basement and smelling like pot when he returned home from his shift to his wife and son.

The other employees claim their shifts were significantly reduced in retaliation after they joined another lawsuit against the restaurant in which they claim they were unfairly tipped out and denied overtime.

All 4 employees are seeking unspecified damages.

An attorney for Philippe tells us ... "The restaurant adamantly denies any allegations that pot smoking or any other smoking is permitted in the restaurant."


No Avatar


Its "Chi Knee Foo", not "Chinese food".

708 days ago

Trevis Miho    

....that sounds FANTASTIC.

708 days ago


What are the side effects of second hand pot smoke?
Unable to resist eating a bag of Cheetos?

708 days ago


I'd like to employ those employees. If only to give them an idea of what employment is about.

708 days ago


If Woody eats there...He was smoking. I've been out to dinner a couple times with Woody and his friends. They smoke at every restaurant if its allowed or not. TACKY!!!!

708 days ago


..."it was terrible your honor, I'd inhale some of that second hand marijuana smoke and, I, just, well it's so horrible I can't hardly talk about it, I, well, I....would eat entire bags of Chips Ahoy cookies! (breaks down and cries)"....

708 days ago


Wish we had an ad posted for these jobs. Geez, what a bunch of ******* ... the tips (cash & otherwise) must have been awesome.

708 days ago


We used to smoke pot in Burger King after closing. That was the only way to get in the right frame of mind to clean the place. So what is so crazy about letting people smoke in a separate dinning area? I'd serve them, bet they tip good too!

708 days ago

Morticia Cowghoul    

Dang. I wish all restaurants had a 'pot smokin section'. That is where you'd find me most of the time.

708 days ago


I believe sh*t was goin on. Been to tons of asian restaurants around the freakin planet from china, hong kong, japan, korea, north america, et al. Every now and then you come across illegal crap goin on in the back, upstairs, or in the basement. But it's no big deal... Money talks, bullsh*t walks - esp. true in asian culture. Payoffs galore. Wouldn't doubt a bit of drug dealing down there as well. #TRUTH!!

708 days ago


First of all there is nothing harmful about marijuana what so ever! And I bet the employees that are pissing and moaning were tipped exceptionally well............ I think all restaurants should have a weed smoking section .........Quit whining babies

708 days ago


Ppl can't go ot to dinner without having to get baked at the table? I love the sticky icky as mch as the next guy, but as usual some celebs continue to pove they are Arrogant pricks! if you cant smoke cigs in bars ans restaurants why should this. Ok?

708 days ago


I sure the guy who came home "smelling like weed" really had a problem. It's better than wreaking of Chinese food I would think. Quit your job if it's that big of deal. F@cking p@ssy.

708 days ago


Someone always has to ruin a good thing.

708 days ago


A hideout in a Chinese restaurant is GREAT for business.. Moar egg rolls for the munchies. Smoke at home if you want to puff puff pass.

708 days ago
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