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Amanda Bynes

Fast Lane to Big Trouble

9/13/2012 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


We broke the story ... photos of Amanda Bynes smoking something out of a pipe while driving around town -- and now cops are worried this could have a deadly ending. So, the question of the day ... how to save Amanda from herself and everyone else??

Plus, Britney Spears makes her big "X Factor" debut to mixed reviews -- was she really worth $15 million ... especially after "The Voice" beat it in the ratings?

Also, directors Nick Cassavetes thinks consensual incest is ok as long as there's no baby-making -- and he might have a point. A really creepy one, but a point nonetheless.

(0:00) Amanda Bynes was caught spoking a pipe while behind the wheel -- Harvey thinks she needs to clean up or act or she's going to kill someone with her car.
(10:00) "The Notebook" director Nick Cassavetes thinks incest if okay as long as nobody gets knocked up ... and as crazy and creepy as it sounds ... he may have a point.
(18:00) Aaron Rodgers is massive chicken -- after welching on a bet to wear a 49ers jersey after losing to the team. Deb Carson from Fox Sports Radio calls in ... she thinks it would've worked in his favor is he would've done it.
(22:50) "X Factor" made its big debut with Britney Spears and Demi Lovato -- but still got beaten by "The Voice" in the ratings.
(29:00) The BET awards has 18 catagories ... and Kanye West is nominated in 17 of them! Is Kim Kardashian a factor?
(31:45) Are Martha Stewart and Emeril Legasse selling bunk knives on HSN? That's what a new lawsuit says.
(33:00) Two celebs got DUIs -- Sally Struthers and Michael Madsen.
(38:10) Deena from "Jersey Shore" is finally punished for her drunken Seaside antics ... along with the bar that served her.
(40:00) We take your calls!

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Harvey, how do you feel knowing that Cassavetes said Incest should be as acceptable as YOUR LIFESTYLE? That's as bad as people stating all gay men are paedophiles.

777 days ago


Every TMZ Live show should open with Mike eating one of those giant fries in the background for our amusement.

777 days ago


Why do I have to make a comment in order to LIKE or HATE someone else's comment?
fix this junk.

Anyway, something needs to be done about that Amanda girl before she kills someone, it seems like everyone is just sitting by waiting for her to do just that - kill someone!!!

777 days ago


SERIOUSLY, this is news, Harvey? Some guy is going to reneg on wearing some other team's hersey? Slow freakin newsday?

777 days ago


More stories on "Screech" from Saved By The Bell and Melissa Rivers please.

777 days ago


So, let's see, instead of commenting on something that is really controversial, Nick Cassavetes, we have to listen to bitching and complaining about wearing a f'n football jersey. I'm about to log off and go watch the paint peel in my kitchen.

777 days ago


Come one Guys! Even you report that Boys II Men were going to give Aaron the week off because he is taking on the Bears tonight and with it being a short week they did not want to distract him. He's not a wuss till next week. Way to pound him for welching before the deadline!

777 days ago

bj brigham    

Britney lookd like a robot .she could not close her mouth while watching the talent.very confused looks like she did not want to be there..someone needs to bleach her black roots..went back and watched the voice....the other judges do not connect and are not enjoying the other judges like last year...why is demis hair up on top of her head..britney needs make up and eyebrows put on...simon seems to watch eberything britneys does,she must be on some medicine...very hard to watch comparde to Christina aguilar amd adam and cee low.even reid looked stiff

777 days ago


Yeah, thanks Harvey. You just inadvertently put up a black bar with the number to call you and it blanked out my Charles's BUM SHOT. YOU SUCK!!!!

777 days ago

all about the money    

Ha X-Factor got buried last night rating wise. In the first hour of the X-Factor, the Voice had almost 3 million more viewers than X-Factor...something like 11mil watching the Voice and 8 watching X-factor. Second hour they did a wee bit better closing the gap to being only about 2 mil behind AGT. See Simon so many people told you Brit was not a savior and would cost you viewers but you wouldn't listen.

777 days ago


Woody Allen has comment on incest in one of his early films. What is your opinion on that?

777 days ago


Alright, out of here, all. The ads on this page are so bad it's slowed the site down it's taking two minutes to post one comment and another minute to get the site to stop giving me "NOT RESPONDING". Wish I had yesterday's connection.

777 days ago


Contraception in not 100%. If you are having sex, birth control or not, pregnancy is always on the table - ALWAYS.

777 days ago



777 days ago


This is the most disgusting that I've seen Harvey...what a loser that he has to spend days thinking why it's wrong for a brother and sister to *********. That is sick.

777 days ago
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