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Michael Lohan

Dina is Lying

... She Was WASTED

9/14/2012 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is calling FULL B.S. on his ex-wife Dina Lohan ... claiming he's convinced she was drunk off her ass during her interview with Dr. Phil.

Michael actually participated in the Dr. Phil interview -- which was taped a few months ago -- and says it was obvious at the time, Dina was intoxicated ... and it was only 10 AM.

"I think when everyone sees the interview, they're gonna know she's not sober," Lohan tells us.

Michael says Dina needs to clean herself up ... if not for herself, for the sake of her children ... including Lindsay.

For her part, Dina claims she was totally sober during the interview ... and thinks the public should withhold judgement until the full interview airs on Monday.

Mike says Dina's condition was also obvious to Dr. Phil -- "You're not gonna pull the wool over that man's eyes ... he's a trained professional."


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everyone Dawn your Boots, Jill666 is here and theres going to be a flood Of BS CVMMing out of her mouth

713 days ago


You can't 'edit' an interview to make someone appear drunk. Thats ludicrous.

713 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

What a seriously jacked up family.
It is really any wonder Lindsey is complete trash and a waste of oxygen?

A lifetime of enabling and making excuses has gotten you losers where exactly? The whole family is riding that talentless whore to the grave all off some stupid kids movie a decade ago.

Please just go away, and take the anorexic youngest with you...

713 days ago


If the bitch is awake, she is wasted. Just like her ginger daughter.

713 days ago


Why the hell is she being interviewed anyway? She's as non relevant as her daughter.

I was just reading how Lindsay is causing the producers a nightmare on scary 5. Not showing up for any rehersals, missed her flight and her typical crap. And tried to pull she had walking pnemonia. It's only when the producers threatened to sue her (she does have a contract) she showed up.

She was upset that the script made too much fun of her. Hey did she ever pay the Hotel bill she owes, probally not.

713 days ago


Dina Lohan -- wasted?
Total Votes: 38,280
this shows me that 7% of the people that voted NO, are by far the dumbest people to walk the planet

713 days ago


"hello kettle this is Michael Lohan, you're black"

713 days ago


Good call from the guy who thinks he's a Christian minister and knocks up his girlfriend.

713 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Both of these losers are just trying to get people to watch the interview. They think it will further their own STUPID careers. Lohans are losers, ALL OF THEM!

713 days ago


It is no wonder Lindsey is a total MESS! WITH PARENTS LIKE THIS WHO WOULDN'T BE? Effing hypocrite!!!!! Like you can even control your OWN sobriety!

713 days ago


Am I the only one the damned "remember me" option doesn't work for? argh

713 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Ewee. Michael is old and ugly. Balding guys look gross.

713 days ago


Quick in.

Dina was not drunk. She got a standing ovation on that show. You poor, poor delousional things.

Quick out, sincerely Red Cloud

713 days ago


Monster Mother from Merrick is tripping the out that Douche Bag Daddy said this to TMZ.....Bwahahahahhaha!

She's trying to come up with a new spin on this. Stay Tuned, theres more to come

713 days ago


Well I for one will not be watching that interview....if I want to watch a jackass make a fool of of itself with another jackass I will just go out on the porch and watch the two that run around in the pasture across the road and creek.....Can't stand Dr Phil he's a blowheart of the 1st caliber....and Dina Lohan won't give that woman the time of day even if it meant her missing the bus home...
This has the Earmarks of a Lohan Inc pubicity grab and deversion ...
Bye the way Lohan Inc next time you sell the pap pictures of Lindsay at some event you might want to tell the guy doing the photoshopping to make sure he covers her back......that one photoshopped picture of her last night the face is fixed but he forgot her back and it is covered with back pimples among that vast sea of freckles I seen water does get back their much does it....LOL

713 days ago
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