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Michael Lohan

Dina is Lying

... She Was WASTED

9/14/2012 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is calling FULL B.S. on his ex-wife Dina Lohan ... claiming he's convinced she was drunk off her ass during her interview with Dr. Phil.

Michael actually participated in the Dr. Phil interview -- which was taped a few months ago -- and says it was obvious at the time, Dina was intoxicated ... and it was only 10 AM.

"I think when everyone sees the interview, they're gonna know she's not sober," Lohan tells us.

Michael says Dina needs to clean herself up ... if not for herself, for the sake of her children ... including Lindsay.

For her part, Dina claims she was totally sober during the interview ... and thinks the public should withhold judgement until the full interview airs on Monday.

Mike says Dina's condition was also obvious to Dr. Phil -- "You're not gonna pull the wool over that man's eyes ... he's a trained professional."


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Grandma Cracker    

Hey RC, did you see that your girl has a new rich Arab boyfriend? Seems like she is the universal go to for all the Arabs that buy their way into Hollywood.

678 days ago


Lindsay's real jail is having that pu$$y face Red Fu*k Cloud as a stalker.

678 days ago


Last night on X Factor Bruttney Spears met a stalker fan.

This is how Black Cloud would be and act if this was Lindsay.. Black Jinx would even think like this guy, WATCH it till the very end,

678 days ago


I thought someone dug a hole and put him in it, and buried him. Haven't heard much from him. Next Dina, and so on. Pot meet Kettle!

678 days ago


Wow, Milo had me on pins and needles waiting anxiously for what he had to say....
Fcuk that, as if I'm going to play video of this idiot.
Say, Milo, why not tell us what you were on the night you jumped off the third story balcony. Gotta love the way these two keeping throwing stones. Too bad they keep missing, if one would connect we'd finally get silence.

678 days ago


I Agree!!! Duhhhmar is a child STALKER!!

678 days ago


Red Cloud, here are the Facebook reactions of your lady Lindsay at GaGa's thing last night.

Briona Marie She looks like crap . Doesnt even look like her
51 minutes ago · Like · 6

Daniel Love Stefani I don't like it. She looks old with those botox lips. Not a good photo. nothing to be excited about in my opinion.
49 minutes ago · Like · 2

Elizabeth Somerhalder She Looks so fab!
49 minutes ago · Like

Cheryl Christian Looks like someone sucker punched her in the lips. Yikes
47 minutes ago · Like · 1

Blake Southerland what did she do to her face??? her plastic surgeon should be sued...
46 minutes ago · Like · 1

Derrick Thekungfubuddist Covington She looks better.
46 minutes ago · Like

Aleyda Olivares Joys looks so fat!! terrible!
45 minutes ago · Like

Randi Lee Arausa Yuck!!
45 minutes ago · Like

Lu Anne Orons Fisher She looks better then usual, but that dress is really not flattering on her.
40 minutes ago · Like

Lacy J. Rebuck Besides the plumped up lips, she looks really good.
40 minutes ago · Like

Debbie Creeach She looks very nice today
35 minutes ago · Like

Hadya I. Itani Her lips. Are.injected with silicon ..
33 minutes ago · Like

Craig Mathew Grandlund She looks great....Haters will always find fault with everything but themselves!!
31 minutes ago · Like · 1

Cierra Barrett A hot mess like always
25 minutes ago · Like

Jamison Duncan So hot! #teamlilo
25 minutes ago · Like

Aluia Jennings Kalolo she looks good, whats up with the hating and negative comments!!!?? like she gives a too **** LMFAO seriously!!!!
24 minutes ago · Like

Dee Wadad Grege Um no she looks absurd for a young beatiful women, shes had to many cosmetic procedures and her prettyness is now over shadowed by that tampered look were her nerves and facial symmetry is off. Isn't she only like 23???
23 minutes ago · Edited · Like

Jessie Carle Since a long time i think she's beautiful...:)
21 minutes ago · Like

Leslie Wagner Mehaffie glam?? where? lindsey is a skank pot
11 minutes ago · Like

Hamza El Jamal @Craig Mathew Grandlund people ho are saying the truth nowdays are called haters ?get a life bitch !!!
10 minutes ago · Like · 1

Ihcene Ft Ihcene **** All of Yu.. She Looks Just Great.. Shut The Hell Up !!
10 minutes ago · Like

Hamza El Jamal @Aluia Jennings Kalolo we dnt give a **** if she give a **** or no.. We're just giving our opinion,stop talking like an ******* !
9 minutes ago · Like

Hamza El Jamal @Ihcene Ft Ihcene
You"re the only one ho need to be ****ed
8 minutes ago · Like

Katty Valle Bolivar She looks pretty, I just hope she puts herself together and start doing the right thing!!
5 minutes ago · Like

Michelle Palacio That's considered "glammed up"?!?!
a few seconds ago · Like

678 days ago

Red Cloud    

one more quick in....
To all fans and supporters,
Please do not ever, ever let the delusional, dumb fk rantings of silly haters scare you away or silence you. Many of these creeps are consumed with irrational hatred and anger for a twenty six year old human they know very little about. They believe tabloid zhit that no rational adult would immediately accept as gospel truth. It is obvious to any objective human that most haters are mentally unbalanced and just plain stupid. They are irrelevant.
really gone this time...................

678 days ago


From DuhhhhMar.

What trouble has 16 year old Dakota gotten into?

Duhhmar why don't you call them and ask how many times Cody has been in trouble. Yes! he has not been arrested YET! But Cody is a clone of Lindsay and Dina lets him run a muck. Heres the Number

Nassau County Police Department-7th Precinct
3636 Merrick Rd, Seaford, NY 11783 » (516) 573-6700

678 days ago


To all those with functioning brains inside their craniums --

Please do not let the sloppy, drunken ramblings of Lindsay-obsessed nutjobs inhibit the good times of criticizing an entitled, drug-addicted, convicted thief and liar. These troubled individuals live vicariously through the life of the aforementioned train-wreck, and therefore, all of your criticisms are personally painful to them, but that isn't YOUR fault. It's theirs. Their inability to recognize the pathological nature of their obsession is at the root of their issues, and they are incapable of change, and as such, should not be given the time of day.

really still here...........

678 days ago



Ever wonder about the Lilo/GaGa connection? Beyond sharing cu***bers, I mean, eh? Well in a classic case of Art imitating Life, GaGa stole the crackho’s scent for her new perfume! In the following interview Gaga says she wanted a perfume (Not a Jitterbug Perfume, mind you) that smelled like a SLVT!

And who smells more like a slvt than Linds, eh? And it is Black like Lindsay’s heart!

Of course it remains to be seen if the scent of stale vodka, Parliments, mixed loads of wad, vintage tuna, bat sh!t, anal sex, snot drippings, chicken poop and essence of frijole fehrts will sell. But you can say with confidence, Lindsay is an inspiration! At least GaGa thinks so…!

678 days ago


Why won't this family just shut up & go away?

678 days ago


"quick in...
gone and away..."
Not only is this Red Cloud's little girlie drama way of speaking (as if we were all waiting breathlessly for his arrival), it's also his gerbil's main complaint about their sex life.

678 days ago


Aliana ‏@aliana
Happy BIrthday momma🎈🎉💝🎂😘 a day ahead,but I cannot wait to squeeeeze you in 10 days!!!!


678 days ago


I'm not even bothering to click on this video to listen to that abuser, looking at his ugly gob is enough. Who does he think he is? father of the year? he's a monster who cares nothing about his children. X17 were his first call to earn some cash, TMZ were the second, who's next? god help the child Kate Major is expecting.

Still the same haters, spewing their pitiful nonsense, what mugs you people are, believing everything tabloids and gossip websites print, a bunch of mentally retarded rats.

678 days ago
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