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Amanda Bynes

You Be the Judge

9/15/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0914_AMANDA_BYNES_TMZAmanda Bynes
is an accident waiting to happen ... and cops fear it could be fatal. So we gotta ask ...


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If we users were judges, we'd probably have every celeb on here jailed. Just to stop the madness.

768 days ago


if you think weed is just as bad as alcohol while driving are just nuts. alcohol impairs your driving 10X what weed does.

768 days ago

just because    

lol i smell a lawsuit coming on when you defame someone by posting a 2 answer poll when 2 answer is substance abuse and the other answer is mental illness

768 days ago

just because    

just to prove my point....does harvey levin like it: 1) in the mouth? 2) in the butt

768 days ago


Girlfriend is an accident the paps are waiting to happen,,, that's why they are tailing her all over town for the million$ pics of the crash scene, instead of, like calling the police...

768 days ago

Dominique Lacaille    

I am not a mental health professional but I do have a lot of experience with drug users and their behaviour. Usually people that suffer from metal illness will turn to drug use as a way to numb themselves. In Amanda's case she seems to be in a manic state, which can be sometimes cannabis induced. however i must point out that there could be anything in that pipe, pipe use does not limit itself to maryjane.

767 days ago

Peter Sc    

She should be hospitalized and not in some joke of a rehab. It seems that she has a serious condition and given the standard of rehab facilities which are often get-out-of-jail-hotels she needs a real hospital with real doctors.

As for acting. Forget it. The industri must focus on healtier conditions for their workers. Stop hiring young people known only for their ability to create scandals while they are off-screen.

There are hardworking people out there ready to pull their weight.

767 days ago

Gloria Unread    

This is beyond frustrating. TMZ - If you have a pap on her, tell them to call the cops if they see her driving. You guys can actually do something besides report about her recklessness.
You talk about it being scary having her on the road. Then do something...

767 days ago


LMAO at the 3700 people at time of post who think Pot is as dangerous as booze. The ignorance or buy in on the propaganda is astounding.

767 days ago


THOSE OF YOU WHO THINK POT IS AS DANGEROUS AS BOOZE ARE FREAKING MORONS! There has still yet to be any overdose on pot while alcohol is responsible for not only deaths, but jail sentences.

767 days ago


Lol at Who's a safer driver, Amanda or Lohan? I knew TMZ was going to give two wrong choices. But in this case, sad to say, Lohan is a better driver, lollll.

767 days ago


She should look into hiring Britney Spears' dad Jamie.

767 days ago


I cannot answer the question Linsay vs. Amanda for designated driver. There is no good answer and is a zero sum question. Both of these chicks need to stay off the roads.

767 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I don't think it's just pot in there. I think she's smoking stupidity. No seriously, I think it's not just pot that she is smoking.
Phishie from Philly

767 days ago


Maybe she has a little PCP mixed with her pot.

767 days ago
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