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Amanda Bynes

You Be the Judge

9/15/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0914_AMANDA_BYNES_TMZAmanda Bynes
is an accident waiting to happen ... and cops fear it could be fatal. So we gotta ask ...


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Still hot, though.

737 days ago


If she were a regular person she'd be locked up already

737 days ago


Now really, booze as dangerous as pot ? That's like saying a pit is as dangerous as a toy poodle.

737 days ago

mike holly    

i am happy. this is what you breed in hollywierd

737 days ago

mike holly    

this is just hollywierd at its breeding best

737 days ago


The sheer stupidity & insensitivity of most of these comments is precisely why so many former 'child' & 'teen' stars have trouble adjusting to life as 'adults'!

Experimenting is one thing, but talking to inanimate objects AND crashing into people is evidence of psychotic behavior.

Right now Amanda IS a danger to herself and others! THAT is why she needs help!!!

737 days ago


People on this website are pretty compassionate. Coolio.

737 days ago


Besides that, she's all alone, talks to herself while 'working out', & is smoking (something) in her car while out by herself & driving.

THAT is NOT 'partying', it's known as self-medicating (making your problems go away).

She's probably clinically depressed, anxious (about her future), angry (at being made fun of - like Britney was in her head-shaving days - as well as other reasons), & full of all kinds of non-stop thoughts.

This is NOT funny folks!

737 days ago

mike holly    

b.s.lenny, she knows whats she is doing. she just thinks it will help her career

737 days ago


She is attention seeking. Had fame as kid, feels entitled to fame as adult....

737 days ago


Mike: You think acting out like THAT is gonna help Amanda's career??? You're an effin' idiot if you think like that!

YOU need to educate yourself!

BTW, I am NO cop! I absolutely HATE cops; they're effin' fascist pigs & I have even said so to the faces of at least 3 of em. (I'm an OWSer)

That said, I hate it even more when the systems (law enforcement & mental health) we're supposed to trust fail.

I just like Amanda so much & she has so much to offer that it'd be tragic if our 'systems' fail her!

737 days ago


TMZ STOP! This girl needs help but your poll on this site is just wrong. She needs help not harassment from TMZ. What your doing do her now is going to push her over the edge.

737 days ago


BTW: It looks to me like MOST of the people who voted here understand what's going on (that Amanda has some mental problems & that she needs help, not jail time).

It's the people posting these idiotic comments here that are pissing me off!

You GOTTA know that Amanda herself is probably reading these, & some o' the s**t here is borderline bullying.

People have been known to kill them selves over comments like the ones on this site! With that I think I'll go back to watching ManCity v Stoke!

737 days ago


Interesting to see the same comments coming from a bunch of has-beens themselves. It's funny and bitter at the same time. Ah well. Life is a bitch and then you die...karma...

737 days ago


the danger of pot vs. booze is at 50% ? That is madness!!! Alcohol is SO horrible.

737 days ago
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