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Honey Boo Boo

'Signs' Autographs for Fans

9/15/2012 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0915-honey-boo-boo-infAlana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson signed autographs for fans before enjoying a night of fun with her whole family (and a bodyguard) at The Fun Zone in Milledgeville, Georgia.

Seriously. That happened.


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Janet Becraft    

She's a beautiful girl

732 days ago


But it in a bag and toss it in the river.

732 days ago


Love the honey boo boo child ! I think the show is silly and about finding ways to have a good time even when money is hard to come by.Americans needs a break from the me me ma $$$$$ greedashian product placement rea;ity tv shows.How many times can people watch KIMK buy a Benz ,Blig and big butt.If ever the honey boo boo childs family ends up looking like the wax works Kardashians where everyone in the family is botoxed to the max then we will know its gone to far...

732 days ago


this is a recession...i worked my arse off as a kid it was good for e go honey boo boo make the money while ya can!! June good luck with the weightloss try green tea it helps.

732 days ago


If you are a fan of Honey Boo Boo, you need to get off our planet. You are not welcome on Earth anymore.

732 days ago


that is one nasty kid!

731 days ago

Big D    

I just hope her parents are putting away the money she is make for her future and not blowing it stupid crab they don't need. But sadly I think they will.

731 days ago


Wow I am reading all these responses and feel sick to my stomach. She is a little girl!!!!! She has feelings. Yes I watch the show with my family. No, we are not rednecks. Yes we are both educated and work and my children are in honors classes. This show is for fun and oddly enough, I can relate to alot more of them than the Kardashians. They have their "sketti" - my family makes ole fashions (macaroni with butter and a can of plain tomato sauce - yum). I also make Sunday "gravy" as I am italian and not overweight in the least. When you look at the show as a whole, you can see a bunch of country folks who are very tight knit and take care of their own.
As far as anyone calling Child Services on them...shame on you. They are NOT being abused in any way and even moreso, there are cameras always around them. There are too many kids out there who are really in need of CPS's help - obviously NOT them. I enjoy the show does nothing else but make me and my family smile and laugh.

731 days ago


I find this little swamp rat kind of cute

731 days ago


What's with the quotation marks? Did she not "sign" her name? I've seen beautiful handwriting from 7 year olds before.

And "Seriously. That happened." Huh? Why is that so hard to believe?

Haters need to get over the fact that this little girl and her family are popular. They make more money than you. God only knows why, but it's true. Get over it.

728 days ago


That's sad. I would rather go up to a military soldier, sailor, and get their autograph. They are my heros. This is a sad society we live, when there is this kind of show on tv. Make a show about families who have overcome obstacles in life. Pay them 4,000.

720 days ago


Guess she is just following in the foot steps of 2 oldest sisters who momma made drop out of school to take full time jobs to support the family since momma can't or won't work.Guess now its honey boo boo turn to pay the bills .Since daddy is on disbility and can't work either.

715 days ago


You know, I find it funny that everyone that is so uppity about this family, yet the very ones that are complaining, cannot spell and doesnt have a clue about what this family does or even have, yet they are the very ones to speak about this matter. I am from the south, and yes I know people like this, as well as I know others all over the country, that live like this, but because they are real, people want to ridicule these people, can we say jealous? because it wasnt your family that was picked up to make a show? I am so sure that half of the people complaining about this family, puts the fun in dysfunctional in their own clan.

710 days ago


Be sure to check out the Honey Boo Boo Cheese Puff Challenge! Hilarious!!!

615 days ago
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