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Carrie Prejean

Opposite Sex Husband

Sells SD Mansion for Loss

9/16/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fired Miss USA Carrie Prejean is officially on the move ... she and her former NFL husband Kyle Boller just sold their massive San Diego pad -- but they took a pretty nasty hit.

Kyle -- who quit the NFL this summer, ONE DAY after signing with the Chargers -- purchased the 4,322 square-foot house in 2008 for $2.55 million ... two years before he met Carrie.

Prejean -- who notoriously slammed same-sex marriage during her 2009 run and was later STRIPPED of her crown for breach of contract -- was added to the home's deed when she got engaged to Boller in 2010.

But, after owning the house for several years, the couple decided it was time to go ... and unloaded the 4-bedroom, 4-bath crib last month for $2.35 mil -- way below what Kyle paid.

It's a steal for the new owner -- who gets a cool modern decor ... sick ocean views ... a vanishing edge pool ... and not to mention a whopping 140 palm trees.

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In this current housing market it, looks like anything is possible in most parts of the country. So, K.B and C.P. should be very glad they got away with only a $200,000 loss on their house. I would be.

732 days ago


you call that WAY below value? Way below value would be if he bought the house for 2.55 mil and sold it for under 2 mil. He took a loss of $200,000. In their world, I thought $200,000 is considered pocket change. I guess if he quit the NFL and she isn't doing anything, then I guess they need every penny they can get. I see a reality show in the making. If Kendra Wilkinson has one why not anyone else.

732 days ago


Give it a rest TMZ. Your headline should read - she was treated badly for FREE SPEECH. Sorry, homosexual marriage is only legal via the court, never via the people. Every single time homosexual marriage has come up for vote in the THIRTY-SEVEN states said HELL NO. Convince the other 44 states that homosexual marriage is such a great idea - you can't. Only via a court will it be legal - just like abortion. We see how the abortion debate has helped our nation. Civil unions and NOTHING else - nada - zippo.

732 days ago


You don't need to be smart to work for tmz, that fo sho

732 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

I don't give a fluke who marries who, but to trash this woman and try ruin her life because she doesn't agree with the libbaggers is reprehensible. Liberals hate "free thought and free speech", especially TMZ.

732 days ago


TMZ logic...brother with sister ewwwwwwwww thats nasty...man sleeping with another man..awwwwwwwww thats natural and normal...smh

732 days ago


Very nice house. Buying and Selling it for just over $2 is a bargain.

732 days ago


This makes it sound like her former husband, not former NFL quarterback. Intentional, me thinks!

732 days ago


$200K isn't a massive hit lol. And they lived in it for 4 years. That's like paying $4K a month for the place, plus they got tax write offs. Just trying to give her negative publicity.

732 days ago


I bet They'd make a great skin flick .

732 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Actually, Ms Prejean didn't say "opposite sex" she said "opposite marriage" as opposed to same sex marriage. It must be a pathetically slow news day if you're bringing her up.

732 days ago


Carrie didn't slam homosexual unions, she answered honestly a question she was asked and said she believes marriage is between one man and one woman. Of course, I don't a gossip sight run by a homosexual to print the truth about a person who disagrees with the homosexuals.

732 days ago


TMZ is STILL whining about this chick that dared to not be pc. HILARIOUS! She married a rich NFL player and you gay whiners don't matter. You failed to destroy her.

732 days ago


Please do some fact checking. This woman was never Miss USA. She was stripped of her Miss California-USA title after being a runner--up in the Miss USA competition because she failed to make contractual appearances expected of her as Miss California-USA. You're welcome.

732 days ago


I don't remember her "slamming" gay marriage. What I remember is that she was asked her "opinion" on gay marriage and she gave it. Trying to stir up controversy TMZ??

732 days ago
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