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Dina Lohan

Fidgety, Sweaty, Mumbling

During Dr. Phil Interview

9/17/2012 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite insisting she was completely sober for her big Dr. Phil interview, Dina Lohan appears completely out of it during the hour-long sit-down ... sweating, slurring, and fumbling her words through the entire thing.

You'll recall, Dr. Phil's people released a teaser for the interview last week -- in which Dina appears seriously dazed and confused -- but Dina insisted she had not been drinking beforehand, telling TMZ, "I don’t care what it looks like. I’m fine and I don’t care what anyone says."

Dina blamed the editing for making her look messed up -- but after the interview aired today, it seems editing wasn't to blame ... something just wasn't right with Lindsay's mom. She was overly emotional, anxious, panicked, and disheveled.

As the interview began, a jittery Dina repeatedly asks "Are we rolling? Are we rolling?"

Dina appears extremely uncomfortable throughout the interview. At one point, when Dr. Phil asks about Michael Lohan's alleged abuse, Dina abruptly asks to put a stop to the interview, claiming she doesn't want to be on camera.

She adds, "God, it's so quiet in here."

Dina later laughs nervously, and asks to go home. And this is all in the first fifteen minutes.

As we previously reported, Michael Lohan -- who participated in the interview -- says he's positive Dina was "wasted" during the interview ... which was taped at 10 AM.

Calls to Dina were not returned.


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Havent posted here in awhile back because of Amanda Bynes! I will admit I just saw start of it and she came across as anxious about the abuse talk but I just finished it and yikes!

774 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Heres the message board to Dr. Phils show today...See what comments have the same spin on here..PRICELESS.

774 days ago

Red Cloud    

Fking haters, LOL!!!! Was Dina Lohan drunk and/or stoned? You believe she was because you strongly and passionately wish to believe she was drunk and/or stoned? I DO NOT ADMIRE THE WOMAN. I seek the truth. Dr. Phil CERTAINLY would have called her out if he suspected booze or drugs in her system during the interview. Give me one(1) good, rational, logical reason why he WOULD NOT.

774 days ago


Hey idiot. Watch it yourself- even in your usual drunken stupor you should be able to make up what's left of your own mind.
Do your own frakking work you drunken POS.

774 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

All I want for Christmas is for Honig to admitt he fvkerd up, taking "Sticky Fingers Lohan" on as a clinent. And that the whole family is NUTS and he QUITS !!! He can't take it or do it, or put up with it anymore.

Now that would be Christmas

774 days ago

Red Cloud    

Hey idiot. Watch it yourself- even in your usual drunken stupor you should be able to make up what's left of your own mind.
Do your own frakking work you drunken POS.
LOL!!! Burning logic is annoying and painful? Sure it is!!! Answer my question(s), dolt.

774 days ago


Just got off of work. Saw her on phil before work. Holy Christ was she wasted. What a complete embarrassment. Makes a total fool of herself and has the balls to say it was edited to make it look that way. What a lier as well which has never been a suprise.

Wonder if Lohan is going to be so quick to tweet about this. Mommy wanted the interview. So what's next going on talk shows trying to say she wasn't wasted. Can't spin that.

Just like Lohan getting caught in her own lies. I'm no phil fan but he nailed it for the most part. The she can be an insparation or whatever sappy crap he was saying was a bit much.

Damn she looks like crap. All the plastic surgery, botox and make-up not working.

Dina was the one who wanted the interview. I espically liked the part how she blew off the Gerogia Rule producer. She never got the letter, Lohans paid for bodyguards statements of her partying to 3 in the morning. Claiming exhaustion, Diana says the "the truth is" Lindseys friend died of menengitius and she wanted to talk to the friend who was already dead. How does that work?

This was pathetic. With Lohan pulling the same old crap on Scary movie 5 now trying to pull the fake walking pnenumonia (she was wasted in her hotel room, not fit to work) I also liked how Dina tried to blow off Lohans legal track record. 5 of those if in NY and Phil says what about the other 17.

Dina you are as non-relevant as Lindsey.

774 days ago


Want to bet they will say something stupid like because of me Phil got his highest ratings ever. Just like Lohan tried to pull when she bombed on SNL.

Dina set herself up just like Lohan did with SNL. Pathetically funny. Serves them both right. Friggin monons.

774 days ago

Tutti Frooooty     

What a hot f*cking mess this woman is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if her problems started when she met Michael or if she were the result of a broken home herself.

774 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Good Night my TMZ Dolls, till tomorrows "Laughing at the Lohans" 1 am story. Cause you know this is far from over.. Sweet Dreams

774 days ago

Red Cloud    

gc, no, it does not answer anything. Dr. Phil would know if a human sitting across from him is drunk and/or stoned. Why would he not make it an issue on national TV??

774 days ago


Ah yes- the drunken loser demanding answers when he never provides any of his own.

Red Cloud
Sure it is!!! Answer my question(s), dolt.

774 days ago

help this young woman    

Lindsay's Raging Dad Lohan Threatened To Kill His Wife & Kids, Divorce Papers Claim


Thursday, February 24, 2005

THE DIVORCE BATTLE between teen starlet Lindsay Lohan's parents is heating up with accusations that her father terrorized the family - and invoked the name of O.J. Simpson in a threat to kill them, the Daily News has learned.

The explosive charges paint a disturbing picture of the turmoil the 18-year-old "Mean Girls" and "Freaky Friday" actress endured at her family's home in Merrick, L.I.

The allegations are contained in divorce papers that Lindsay's mom, Dina Lohan, 42, filed against her estranged husband, Michael Lohan, 44, in Nassau County last month.

The most chilling is the claim Michael Lohan openly vowed to kill his wife and his children.

"O.J. Simpson has nothing on me," he allegedly told the family's security guard last year. "I know exactly how I'm going to kill [them]. I know when I'm going to do it, and I'm going to enjoy it."

Although Dina Lohan claims her husband is a philanderer, the divorce filing says he also told two family friends in the fall of 2003, "If I ever catch Dina with another man, O.J. Simpson will have nothing on me."

Michael Lohan has been in and out of handcuffs in the last two years for a series of dustups with his family and others. But The News has learned the divorce papers contain shocking new claims:

Lindsay's dad allegedly attacked Dina Lohan last May, trying to throw her down a flight of stairs and slamming her arm in a door. He then allegedly forced her into a basement and sodomized her against her will, though no police report was ever filed.

Two months later, he allegedly threw his body on the driveway in front of his wife's car and screamed at their two youngest children, "If Mommy leaves Daddy, I'm going to hang myself in the garage."

He allegedly stalked Lindsay and the rest of a family to a press junket in Los Angeles last April and made a huge scene at the Four Seasons Hotel. He chased one of the kids out of the hotel room, and another child and Lindsay's publicist were so terrified they hid in a closet.

"If you don't get your mother to ride in the f---ing car with me, I'm going to kill her!" he allegedly told one child.

When Dina went to Manhattan in September for a meeting with executives at Lindsay's record label, her husband followed her - then tracked the group to the restaurant Cipriani, where he yelled that his wife was a "whore" and a "slut," the divorce papers contend.

The filing does cite some of Michael Lohan's well-do***ented troubles: his attack on a city sanitation worker, an assault on Dina Lohan's brother at a family party, and several alleged violations of orders of protection.

But the do***ents contain many fresh allegations about Michael Lohan, dating back flve years.

In March 2000, two years after Lindsay's breakout performance in Disney's "The Parent Trap," her father allegedly choked his sleeping wife.

He's also accused of hitting Dina Lohan in the face in the lobby of the Fontainebleu Hilton during a June 2002 family vacation.

In March 2004, he blew up at Dina Lohan, "violently seized" the children's miniature Yorkshire terrier, shoved it into a cage and kicked it across the floor, his wife claims.

Dina Lohan, a former Radio City Rockette, is suing for divorce, full custody of the children, alimony and $1 million in damages.

A spokesman for Dina Lohan declined to comment on the claims contained in the divorce papers. Her husband's lawyer, Dominic Barbara, did not return calls for comment.

But his client, who was arrested on a DWI charge Saturday after smashing up his car, spoke to ABC's "PrimeTime Live" for an interview that airs tonight.

Michael Lohan defended his proposal for a reality TV show about the divorce, and denied Lindsay's career is suffering because of his antics.

"She's got more offers than ever now," he said. "Don't they say any publicity is good publicity? . . . People don't want the good things, they want the dirt."
Above article from New York Daily News
Here is the abuse that Dina could not talk about.
Dr. Phil said Michael has arrest warrants for unpaid child support. Dr. Phil did not say Dina was wasted lying Milo did. Dr. Phil would have called Dina out on that.

774 days ago


Here's a tough question for you drunkie? Why not watch it yourself and draw your own conclusions?
Too stoned?
Too drunk?
You're too unemployed too afford cable? (I would bet on THAT.)

774 days ago


Hey Hopeless Loser- that proves NOTHING. You did read the word "ALLEGATIONS". Look it up.

774 days ago
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