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Lindsay Lohan

I Went to Jail ...

Why Hasn't Amanda Bynes?

9/17/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Lindsay Lohan wants to know why Amanda Bynes isn't behind bars -- tweeting, "Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?"

Pretty amazing ... coming from a woman who has been charged with multiple crimes, violated her probation countless times -- even told the judge f you with her fingernails -- and still skated almost all of the time.

There are two ways you can interpret the tweet -- either Lindsay thinks her own punishment was UNFAIR  ... and she should never had gone to jail in the first place.

OR ... she thinks her punishment WAS FAIR ... and Amanda Bynes should be locked up, too.

For the record, Lindsay went to jail after she violated her probation stemming from a DUI conviction.

Bynes, on the other hand, has been arrested for DUI ... but hasn't been convicted.

The convicted necklace thief posted a second tweet ... saying, "These are the moments that I appreciate my life experiences, living without regrets and Disney for supporting me as an actress-night all*"

So, we gotta ask ...


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Did LiLo get screwed? Yes, frequently. And I'm next in line.

766 days ago

Max Smart    

Lindsay should probably butt out and mind her own business.

766 days ago


Is lindsey lohan as delusional as amanda bynes? how many times has lindsey broken the law and still got away with it? many many times. pot meet kettle lindsey.

766 days ago


More importantly: why didn't she stay there?

766 days ago


How is this breaking news when it's been all over the place from other places.

You know it wasn't going to take long for TMZ to jump on this.

Wow Lohan called her a star and not a nobody. Lohan give it up. Gaga offered to pay her hotel bill. Lohan your still non-relevant despite who you try and suck up to.

766 days ago


Ok stfu Lindsay in the real worl people would have went to jail for years for what youve done grow up you do the crime you do the time unless your rich

766 days ago

Who Knew    

Lindsey needs to STFU, she should have been locked up for months, Grand Theft anybody, kidnapping, endangering the people in the car she carjacked, lying to the police about who was driving the Porsche, the list goes on and on.. All this other idiot has done is a DUI and Two hit and runs and driving with an expired licence. When she is convicted she may do some time in jail, but she has to be convict first. Lindsey is just delusional narcissist. Amanda may actually be crazy.

766 days ago


Amanda hasn't gone to jail lindsey cos unlike you she ain't ginger

766 days ago


If she were black, the poll would be 'Should she be released?' Not fair what these white chicks get away with.

766 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

She hasn't gone to court yet. Anyway, bitch, you some kind of nerve.

766 days ago


Lindsay. Seriously. You're not even close to being in a position to talk sh** about other people.

766 days ago


How INCREDIBLY selfish and self absorbed!!! Instead of saying something positive or trying to reach out and help this trainwreck (Amanda), all she cares about is seeing her go to jail because she went to jail?
Both of them need HELP!

766 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Ummmm, maybe because Amand Bynes hasn't had a trial yet? God, after all the troubles with the law and this stupid slore STILL doesn't know how the criminal justice system works.

766 days ago


I voted no, Lindsey did not get screwed, but I could not vote on putting Amanda in jail because she has not been convicted of anything yet. However, I'd like to sentence both of them to perform community service on their knees and on their backs in my bedroom!

766 days ago


Let's see Lindsay, you stole a car, high speed chase, cocaine, drunk driving, theft, probation violations, leaving the country without permission. Amanda is not in your league.

766 days ago
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