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Amanda Bynes

Strange Night

Ends with a Chauffeur

9/18/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes
had a late night in Hollywood, but instead of a nightclub ... she was at Starbucks -- and, more importantly, she did NOT drive home afterward.

Amanda spent more than 3 hours sitting inside the coffee shop ... talking on her phone and listening to music on headphones -- before finally leaving just after 11PM PT.

A Starbucks employee unlocked the front door to let Amanda out of the store -- but with her face fully covered she had to be led, very carefully, to a waiting SUV.

Amanda got in the back seat.



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yeah, what she did is perfectly normal, leave her alone TMZ. now the dressing room thing is a little can't be a publicity stunt can it?, I mean who would ruin their life by possibly becoming a convicted felon for stardom...hmm...any how what ever it is I grew up watching this girl, we are close to the same age and i hope she's ok.

733 days ago


Back seat, huh? Just where I'd like to keep her. Spread 'em, baby.

733 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Amanda Bynes has not been on TV or in a movie for years - in fact she has "quit" the business and rejoined it even though she hasn't had a job in years. She is obviously has emotional and mental problems - nobody sane will act this way. It is more than drugs, it is much deeper.
When you people at TMZ manage to push this young woman over the edge - when you drive her to something really bad, say suicide, what will you write? Really, I would like to know the answer to that question. It is only a matter of time before she has a total disconnect, and you WILL have a major part in that. What will you say then?

733 days ago


Why even a chauffeur? Can't these train-wreck has-been spend a single day at home?

733 days ago


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733 days ago


Poor thing!
Has not a friend in the world...

733 days ago


She hasn't been in anything since "Easy A' in 2010 - NOTHING. And was doing only made for TV movies in the 2 years prior to that.
She needs to get it together NOW or her career is over.

733 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

That's what people do at Starbucks, oogittey boogetty, them Starbuckians are crazy!

733 days ago


That's likely the only issue here: her feeling uncomfortable in LA and presumably lacking meaningful social contacts. The stuff she's doing is just so typical for lonely people.

Probably should just move into some healthier environment. Like quite a few did.

733 days ago


As if we needed more proof that she has mental issues. Sunglasses at night. Idiot

733 days ago


I thought stalking was illegal in California?

733 days ago


TMZ should be arrested for stalking this girl. They are trying to create a story rather then simply reporting on one already happening.

733 days ago

Jay W.     

Amanda Bynes - born: April 3rd, 1986

Lindsay Lohan - born: July 2nd, 1986

Maybe there's something wrong with people born in 1986... ?

733 days ago


So, not that strange.

733 days ago


"Amanda spent more than 3 hours sitting inside the coffee shop"

translation: "a paparazzo spent 3 hours sitting outside the coffee shop watching Amanda."

733 days ago
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