Amanda Bynes Bizarre Driving BEFORE Cops Impounded Car

9/17/2012 12:00 PM PDT

Amanda Bynes -- Bizarre Driving BEFORE Cops Impounded Car


Amanda Bynes
told cops Sunday she was at Burbank Airport to catch a flight, but after "drawing attention to herself" and parking in a no-parking zone, she just drove off ... and this happened BEFORE her car was impounded.

The bizarre run-in occurred at around 8 AM. The Burbank Airport Police noticed Amanda because of her behavior, though cops were not specific. They then shooed her away from the no-parking zone where she was stopped.

A short time later, the officers noticed Amanda driving aimlessly near the valet area. She then left the airport without entering the terminal.

Within an hour ... police pulled Amanda over for a traffic violation near the airport, realized she was driving on a suspended license and impounded her car.

The incident appears to be yet another example of Amanda acting abnormally behind the wheel.