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MLB Star


For Anti-Gay Message

9/18/2012 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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091812_escobar_launchToronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar has just apologized for displaying a homophobic message ON HIS FACE during a recent game ... telling his fans, "honestly, I’m sorry."

29-year-old Escobar was hit with a 3 game suspension for decorating his eye black patches with the Spanish word for f**got" -- which he wore during Saturday's game against Boston (below).

Yunel Escobar's eye black with a gay slur.Moments ago, Escobar addressed the media ... and explained, "I feel bad, I’m leaving my team for something I didn’t intend to do. I have nothing against the gay community and honestly I’m sorry."

He claimed, "It was just a joke and it wasn’t directed to anyone in particular."

Escobar says the phrase has a different meaning in Spanish ... but when asked to clarify what it meant to him or why he wrote it ... he couldn't come up with a real answer.

Escobar will forfeit his salary for the games he will miss -- with portions of the money reportedly going to GLAAD ... a powerful gay rights organization.

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Unintentional or not, it is dumb to write such so called funny joke. Who is the joke now? well at least he is going to pay for such joke. We will forgive you.

768 days ago



768 days ago

Jonas Rimmer    

GAYAAD is not "powerful". It´s a Nazi organization that aims at curbing free speech. Now they´re using this incident to STEAL money from this poor guy.

768 days ago


Complete idiot. But once again, the sports world likes to pay idiots so they can make money.

768 days ago


Really? Really? The most accepted translation for maricon is wimp (or *****). My wife, who is Argentine, calls my 2 boys maricon in gest often when they are being what I as a NA, would call a *******. Never is there an inference to being a ***. I am sure there is that conotation somewhere, but it is not common. The guy was probably trying to make intimidate his opponents, implying that they are weak, or *******. A suspension, really? As a society, we have really devolved into a bunch of marcons! I wish I was living a minimum of 50 years ago. Politically correct society make me ill....

768 days ago


Meh. Who cares. Quit pushing your gay agenda, TMZ. This site is becoming as big of a joke as Perez Hilton was before everybody stopped going to that crappy site years ago.

768 days ago


Seriously this has been blown up, I know for a fact in a lot of Latin countries we use that as a joke nobody takes it serious. It's. Hard to explain but I even talk to family like that its a joking way to talk to friends when they mess around or do something dumb. I know some Latin countries take it wrong but common not every country takes **** like this, this serious. For example in Colombia its used as a complete joke!!! People need to stop being so anal everyone has different cultures and not everything has the same meaning ..

768 days ago


I thought it was filled with lulz. There should be no sacred cows.

768 days ago


What a dumb Ass, Escobar addresses the media ... and explained, "I feel bad, I’m leaving my team for something I didn’t intend to do. How can he not intend to put something so stupid on his face.

768 days ago


When the guys I know call each other "***gots", it doesn't mean that they are calling them homosexuals. Even if they call each other "gay", it doesn't mean they are calling them homosexuals. It means they are calling them "*******"...meaning wimpy or girly. I know the word used to refer to homosexuals and to some it still does, so I can see why it would be offensive. I am just saying it doesn't necessarily mean that he is anti-gay. Either way, not a very bright thing to do though.

768 days ago


So he ruined the game and the spirit for so many people by doing something ignorant. Why do people always say they didn't mean it after they do it?

768 days ago


I have something against the gay community.....its gay!

Leviticus 18:22
“‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.

768 days ago


With all due respect to the gay community, typically when the word " maricon" is used in the Spanish Language it usually means "coward" I honesly don't think he meant to offend anyone,

768 days ago


With all due respect to he gay community, typically when the word " maricon" is used in the Spanish Language, it means "coward" I honestly dont't think he meant to offend anyone,

768 days ago


What a dimwit. Someone needs to explain to these mental defectives that, if you were truly not a gaybasher, you wouldn't have done it in the first place. Morons!

767 days ago
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