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Chad Johnson

I'm Taking Anger Management Classes

9/19/2012 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad Johnson says he's enrolled in anger management classes ... to learn how to suppress his rage so he doesn't have another violent altercation like the one with his ex-wife.

Johnson made the announcement during an interview with James Brown on "Inside the NFL" ... saying, " I'm trying to find out how can I channel my anger when I'm in situations to where I would pop off."

During the interview, which airs tonight on Showtime, Johnson says he takes full responsibility for the headbutting incident with Evelyn Lozada ... and says, "I think what I need to do is work on Chad."

Johnson has been through anger counseling before -- as we previously reported, Chad was ordered to complete a domestic violence program after battering a former GF back in 2000.

Chad also says he believes the Miami Dolphins cut him from the team solely based on the domestic incident  and NOT because of his performance on the field.

"That was the reason ... there's no need to blow smoke up my ass."

We broke the story ... Johnson officially became a single man earlier today after a judge signed off on his divorce from Lozada ... a divorce he was trying like hell to prevent from happening.

Johnson says he's no longer on speaking terms with Evelyn ... explaining, "There's nothing I can say to her because she's already heard it all ... what can I say ... actions speak louder than words and this is the time for me to show action."

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You can take all the anger management courses you want, and you can tattoo as many images of her on your body that you want, but you are not going to get your way this time. She is gone. Deal with it. Just be glad it was her that you head-butted, and not me.

762 days ago


I SOSOSO smell a reality show from this train wreck a coming!~~~

762 days ago


Is it humanly possible that this dumb ass can actually be this stupid?
CONNECTING THE DOTS: The "Anger Management Classes" is a ruse his attorney cooked up with a wink from the court, so as to give him a break. Which we know is going to happen but they have to go through this dance for the public. Having said that the classes are obviously not working because he had to shoot off at the mouth and attack the Dolphins [kiss any future NFL team goodbye A-HOLE, after slipping in that dig] and no you're wrong, it wasn't the domestic abuse incidence, IT WAS YOU!!! They saw the writing on the wall and made the very wise decision to bring you on board. They didn't want to be pulled into your antics and drama, plus you're slow and can't hold on to a ball... Speaking of blowing smoke of ones ass. You tried to blow smoke up the coach's ass and he shot your ass down... with the film rolling FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE.
Dude you need a major reality check... I don't know how much more major you need... but considering you're only 34yo and managed to ruin everything you touch---because you're arrogant a-hole. I can't imagine what the rest of your future will be. I think you need religion, because it's going to take a miracle to turn this around. Maybe not religion---you'll corrupt that into a reality show and be the next Black Jimmy Swaggard.

762 days ago

TMZ Superfan    

People should COMMEND him for this. So often we see reports of bad behavior by celebs and high profile people who don't admit they have a problem and blame others. Chad is taking responsibility and doing the right thing by getting help. People should be patting him on the back for once for taking responsibility, which is something so few people in his position do.

762 days ago


Go away loser. That is what younget for marrying some Tijuana Fly, for the money. Shut up and gift all of us with your abscence. Move!

762 days ago


Chad we've still not heard your side...but appreciate the fact that you're too much of a gentlemen to disparage your former wife. Good luck to you young man.

762 days ago


What I would really love to see Chad Johnson do is go back to school (a really good school like Harvard). He is incredibly bright and a Juris Doctorate or Ph.D would be something that no one could ever take away from him. I believe his anger might be associated with his anger issues as he is just not being properly engaged.

762 days ago


does he think hes gonna get a big pat on the back from anybody who reads this?? im sorry but idgaf if a guy who lays hands on a woman, goes to classes or not. its not gonna make me think hes a changed man bcuz he decided to. fact is, most of these POS celebs who do this then make sure the world knows theyre "getting help" only do it bcuz theyre worried about their image. truth be told, they prob dont regret doing it bcuz they hurt sum1 they were supposed to love. if they regret it at all, its bcuz there was a huge backlash from the public and that hurt their wallet. ugh, makes me sick.

761 days ago

LaShanda Davis    

Evelyn what were you thinking? How many more men are going to abuse their women and then feel sorry after the fact. Really sad....

757 days ago


I was amazed upon visiting here as the articles are all very informative.
My congratulations to the people behind the success of this website.
You really rock guys! Keep up the good works!


748 days ago


CHAD Johnson, We Are Still Interceeding On Your Behalf; Stay Focused On Your Bright Future. Jesus Is Alive
and Well. Apostle Leslie Brown, III and The Christ's Kingdom Life Center International Ministry Family. Jeremiah 33:3

709 days ago


CHAD Johnson, We Are Still Interceeding On Your Behalf; Stay Focused On Your Bright Future. Jesus Is Alive
and Well. Apostle Leslie Brown, III and The Christ's Kingdom Life Center International Ministry Family. Jeremiah 33:3

709 days ago
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