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'Innocence of Muslims' Actress

Sues Producer

I Was Duped Into Movie

9/19/2012 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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One of the stars of the anti-Islam movie "The Innocence of Muslims" -- which has sparked violent protests around the world -- is now suing the producer, claiming she was duped into acting in the "vile and reprehensible" film.

Cindy Lee Garcia filed the lawsuit today in L.A. County Superior Court against producer Nakoula Basseley Nakoula -- aka Sam Bacile -- claiming at the time of filming, she believed she was acting in a "historical Arabian Desert adventure film."

When the film was released, Cindy says it had been "changed grotesquely" to "make it appear that Ms. Garcia voluntarily performed in a hateful anti-Islamic production."

Garcia has claimed her voice was dubbed in the movie to include lines that insulted the Muslim prophet Muhammed, which she never uttered.

After receiving numerous death threats since the film's release, Cindy claims she's been forced into hiding. She says she has also been fired from her job as a result of the film.

In addition to the film's producer, Cindy is also suing Google and YouTube, demanding a court order requiring them to pull the film from their servers. Cindy claims Google/YouTube have already refused to do so.

Cindy is also seeking unspecified damages from Google, YouTube, and the producer.

Google, YouTube, and the producer have yet to comment on the lawsuit.


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@ KITTY about the same age that an old party president preferred his girls to be in.

761 days ago


I want to sue her for her bloody awful acting.

761 days ago


Chairman Mao screwed himself silly with little admiring girls. It`s no secret. It was an honor. Every parents dream came true. Chiefly food on the table. And a promise of a pension.

761 days ago



761 days ago


Fundamentalist Muslims need to calm the f*** down with killing people over this shoddy 13 minute video. I'm sorry but murdering innocent people over an opinion piece that looked like it was filmed in someone's basement is bat**** crazy & WRONG. No way around it. I wish these extremists (from either side really) would have a saner approach to the situation with just moving on with life instead of burning buildings. It's been reported that most of these protesters haven't even watched the damn thing. Did you see people who are Christian go and kill others/blow up buildings over the photograph, "Piss Christ"? No. Because it makes sense not to feel justified in killing someone just because they mock or desecrate your religion. Life goes on.

On another note, this lady really needs to come up with a better excuse or just take accountability for being a part of such a controversial film. That's why you read the script beforehand right?

761 days ago

sarah wales    

Give me a camera phone, some paint and a paint brush, I will make a better movie it will be called "Watching paint dry".
This film sucks soooo bad I would rather watch/listen to Justin Beiber's music videos at full volume.

761 days ago


Well now you have put yourself in more danger by exposing your name. Also TMZ you have put the whatever producer in more danger by exposing his real name. WAY TO GO.

761 days ago


I'd be scared too, those dudes will blow your house up.

761 days ago


So she is suing Google to take something down? She needs to move then to a Country that will do that oh she may not realize the real freedom she has here to sue with a silly law suit such as this.

Silly girl she should have starred in a musical about religion like Jesus Christ Superstar or the Book of Mormon and then she would not be having all this trouble.

761 days ago


OLD SONG*****" I ain't got no body"

761 days ago


I totally believe that this could be a stunt by the REPUBLICAN PARTY to discredit Obama's leadership. Clearly, the producer of this movie is shady all around.

761 days ago


Wha? What?WHAT!?!?!
Im sorry !!!!!!!
I thought I was in America

761 days ago

Christine Schaeffer    

I can clearly remember the peaceful and subdued picketing that took place in Los Angeles decades ago when the "Last Temptation of Christ" was shown in local theaters. It was certainly a far cry from the bloodshed and the threats that are ongoing over this latest anti-religious film.

761 days ago


This movie didn't cause the attacks, they were planned for 9/11. This video came out back in July if I am correct. They don't like us so we should cut them off. Lets pull our people out and stop sending them money.

761 days ago


Well,.. I live 15 minutes from the A-Hole that made the movie that possibly started Armageddon WoW!

761 days ago
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