'Innocence of Muslims' Actress Sues Producer I Was Duped Into Movie

9/19/2012 12:54 PM PDT

'Innocence of Muslims' Actress Sues Producer Behind Anti-Muslim Movie

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One of the stars of the anti-Islam movie "The Innocence of Muslims" -- which has sparked violent protests around the world -- is now suing the producer, claiming she was duped into acting in the "vile and reprehensible" film.

Cindy Lee Garcia filed the lawsuit today in L.A. County Superior Court against producer Nakoula Basseley Nakoula -- aka Sam Bacile -- claiming at the time of filming, she believed she was acting in a "historical Arabian Desert adventure film."

When the film was released, Cindy says it had been "changed grotesquely" to "make it appear that Ms. Garcia voluntarily performed in a hateful anti-Islamic production."

Garcia has claimed her voice was dubbed in the movie to include lines that insulted the Muslim prophet Muhammed, which she never uttered.

After receiving numerous death threats since the film's release, Cindy claims she's been forced into hiding. She says she has also been fired from her job as a result of the film.

In addition to the film's producer, Cindy is also suing Google and YouTube, demanding a court order requiring them to pull the film from their servers. Cindy claims Google/YouTube have already refused to do so.

Cindy is also seeking unspecified damages from Google, YouTube, and the producer.

Google, YouTube, and the producer have yet to comment on the lawsuit.