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DEFENDS Lindsay Lohan --

She Did NOTHING Wrong!

9/19/2012 4:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More drama in the Lindsay Lohan arrest -- Slash just posted a tweet IN SUPPORT of the actress ... claiming he's 100% positive she didn't do anything wrong ... however there are some holes in the rock star's story.

It's interesting because Lindsay was backstage at the Slash's NYC concert minutes before she allegedly she drove her Porsche into a pedestrian ... a pedestrian who claims Lindsay reeked of booze at the time.

But Slash says ... "The situation last night w/Lindsey was a lame paparazzi stunt. She didn't do anything. it's being blown out of proportion."

Couple of problems with Slash's tweet -- first, he wasn't with Lindsay at the time of the alleged incident and wouldn't be in a position to confirm or deny the collision.

Second, there were no paparazzi around at the time of the alleged incident ... so it's hard to believe the whole thing was a paparazzi stunt.

However, Slash WAS hanging out with LiLo backstage at his show ... and would know if she
reeked of booze when she left for the hotel ... as the alleged victim claims.

Judging from the tweet, sounds like Slash is convinced Lindsay was sober when she got behind the wheel.


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Slash who wears a Drunks Against Mad Mothers shirt? I'm sure that she didn't seem drunk to Slash.

761 days ago


Hell, she probably packing right now......Hope to hell they jerk her ass out of Rehab and make her face the judge...that would be a laugh....
Lord I must be getting really tired of this woman for I can't dredge up one iota of pity or sorrow or hope...she ranks below snakes and spiders and horror of the farm yard turkeys !!!! because she is pure evil ...

761 days ago


If what is coming out is correct, it sounds like she really didn't do anything wrong. I guess you can split hairs and say she grazed someone's blue jeans. But I am not sure that amounts to a "hit and run". Listen, Lindsey is a screw up. We all know that. But in all fairness to her, this sounds like a whole lotta nothing. Surprised they even filed a report on it.

761 days ago


he's as full of sh*t as she is but i have to say...he looks better than she does.

761 days ago


You Loonies make me laugh....!!!
What part of that Judges ruling don't you understand. Behave as a good solid citzen ...and OBAY ALL THE LAWS OF THE LAND..... since the Judge told her that she has had multipble run-ins with the law....and is under investigration on several of the incidents and now ARRESTED !!!
If that doesn't bust the hell out of those conditions I don't know what does....
AGAIN THE POLICE HAD PROBABLE CAUSE !!! SHE WAS ARRESTED.....FOR LEAVING THE SCENE OF A ACCIDENT...not drunken driving , not hit and run ...but LEAVING THE SCENE OF A ACCIDENT...which is against the law...

761 days ago


Lindsay is a professional alcoholic, years of practice and being able to compose herself around others. Slash was just thankful for her services.

761 days ago


Oh God please New York, dont be like LA...GET HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

761 days ago


Upcoming: Vivid Entertainment "honcho" Hirsch offering each $1Mio to demonstrate mutual love on camera.

761 days ago


She never learns. How many hit and runs does she have to be accused of before she learns to ask "Hey, are you OK?"

761 days ago

Lisa G    

I'll bet it was a paparazzi. I read an article earlier that said she got out of the car and talked with the man. If he was that injured why didn't he tell her at the time? That's not leaving a scene after an accident...this whole thing wreaks of a set up.

761 days ago


OMG, why is Lindsay the only celeb who gets"set up?"

761 days ago


Bwahhahaha! Thats the story Blohan told him, Wonder how much Milo paid him to tweet that BS

761 days ago


What did Lindsay do after she left you, Slash? You have no idea because you weren't there. She could have drank vodka in the car or popped pills. This story means nothing.

761 days ago


Is there OVERCROWDING in NY jails??????

761 days ago


My god, now she's making this idiot look like a smock. Maybe Lindsay should of done her homework before she got this idiot to tweet that. No paps where there. The guy she hit is a cook in a hotel next to the one she was going into.

Keep lying to NYPD Linds, this isnt LA, They will lock your asz up!!

761 days ago
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