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Lindsay & Amanda

Goodyear Offers


9/21/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
and Amanda Bynes are such terrible drivers ... tire giant Goodyear has decided to offer the actresses FREE driving lessons -- hoping to reduce the danger they present behind the wheel ... to themselves and others.

A rep for Goodyear just fired off near-identical letters in an attempt to reach Lindsay and Amanda, writing, "We're sorry to hear about your latest driving mishap ... We're concerned for your safety and the safety of those who hit the road each day, and we'd like to help out any way we can."

In case you forgot, Lindsay's latest mishap occurred this week -- when she was arrested for allegedly hitting a pedestrian in NYC and fleeing the scene. Amanda's had countless mishaps in the last several months -- including two alleged hit-and-runs and one alleged DUI.

Goodyear's solution -- the tire company says it wants to fly the girls out to its headquarters in Akron for "a private 1-on-1 lesson with our professional drivers -- no paparazzi allowed -- who can show you all the do's and don'ts of driving safely."

According to the letter, Goodyear is offering Amanda and Lindsay full access to its awesome test track and course for the lessons.

So far, it's unclear if either Amanda or Lindsay plans to accept the offer -- but if they don't ... we'll totally go in their place.


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That pic with those jelly balls for cheeks,I wonder if you squeezed them would they feel like silly putty?

728 days ago

Elmer Fudd    

no driving for you !!!

728 days ago


The wigs are the wigs Carol Burnett used on her old TV comedy show in skits.....all too big too much hair and fitted wrong....Or Lucille Ball in the Coppacbana Dance scene wher she has that 4 ft white wig on her head and is trying to walk and balance it to keep it on at the same time....LOL...

728 days ago


Driving lessons won't help someone like Lohan who is constantly drunk or on drugs, not to mention the fact that she just doesn't care if she hits someone cause she thinks the rules don't apply to her.

728 days ago


Stupid PR move.

Why would any company want to be associated with these girls?

They are both vehicular manslaughter cases in waiting.

727 days ago


The latest DUIna interview.
There are no words.


Mom Dina Lohan certainly has, and she's sounding off about her embattled daughter's seemingly never-ending barrage of police run-ins and headline-grabbing antics, which now includes accusations that LiLo swiped a bystander with her car Wednesday in New York and fled the scene.

"I'm certainly not making excuses for Lindsay's behavior," Dina told the New York Daily News Friday. "But she's a 26-year-old woman." [???????]


But those clubbing days, Dina says, are over.
"I don't party with Lindsay," she now insists. "In the early years, I would go with her to clubs, because I wanted to see who the enablers were."

727 days ago

G West    

Is it bad driving to try to maneuver away from aggressive paparazzi in your face trying to catch that one picture that will make them famous (lol) .. I say plow right through them.

727 days ago


The reviews are coming in for the Liz n Dick trailer and there not good at all. The comments from the public are the best !!
This movie is a sure bomb


Sep 21
Lindsay Lohan bloats up the ‘Liz & Dick’ teaser trailer: utterly awful?

I don’t even have the words for the mess you are about to watch. I mean, we KNEW that Lindsay Lohan was going to be a trainwreck in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick. We KNEW she was going to be cracked out of her skull, like always. We knew that the drugs and liquor and whatever else she’s done has all messed with Lindsay’s mind to the point where her “talent” has left her completely. But even I’m kind of shocked by the stupidity of this trailer. Like, I guess Lifetime is hoping that if they just make really fast edits, we won’t be able to get enough of a glimpse of the cracktastrophe. But even I can tell that Lindsay pretty much just put on a brunette wig and smoked a few thousand cigs, and that was it for her “preparation”. It’s an abomination.

And just like that *poof* Grant Bowler never found work again. Poor Grant Bowler. I mean, he doesn’t look like Richard Burton, he doesn’t sound like Richard Burton, but I get the sense that he was actually trying, you know? Poor dude. Taken out by a narcissistic crackhead.

Meanwhile, I have some new evidence about how Lindsay has been paying her bills over the past few months. GO HERE to see some new photos of Lindsay last night in New York. She’s carrying a child. An actual child. The little boy is the son of artist Domingo Zapata, a man of enormous wealth who stays at the Marmont when he’s in LA. Fascinating! Zapata is also the dude who allowed Crackie to “borrow” the Porsche Cayenne that she was driving when she clipped a pedestrian. Maybe he thinks The Cracken is living, crack-smoking performance art

727 days ago


everybody try to make money with LiLo: EVERYBODY. Look at this last idiotic attempt here... I can't stop laughing (are the sales of tires so bad?)

727 days ago


I want to know if they had to pay the cast and crew of Diz and Lick to do the "audible gasping". When I saw the trailer, I did some major audible gagging.

727 days ago


Is there a cliff anywhere near this track? Get them both messed up and aim them toward the cliff then let them go. End of problem.

727 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

This is all fun and games, until someone gets killed because of their attention seeking, self-indulging antics. Hollywood used to be full of classy actors and actresses. Novice want-a-be’s I reckon. Why they are not in school’s feeding their minds and cultivating their talents, instead of bar’s feeding their egos and destroying their opportunities I do not understand? Don’t they know the more one drinks/smokes, the better they look…then in the morning you wake up with….

727 days ago

LA Native    

go to superficial for some CRAZY photos of Linds....never saw these before! Most people are commenting she looks like Mickey Rourke!

727 days ago


The courts should be stepping up not Goodyear. Sautner hope your paying attention to this. Sautner in her own words. "see a pattern here".

Lohan just doesn't give a crap. Does anything she wants because she's been able to get away with it so far.

Lohan is reckless which makes her very dangerous. Sadly, it's going to take her hurting or killing someone before anything is done. Then it's too late.

727 days ago


Here are some comments from that horrible Liz n Dick trailer.

Ellena Simunovic-Moscarella · Top Commenter · York University

I want to throw up everytime I see her ugly, bloated face. I'm sick of her being in headlines on every news site for being a trainwreck.

Reply · 4 · Like

· Follow Post · about an hour ago

Jim Job · Top Commenter · Hayward High

Ellena, you said a mouthful! Of course, most will agree at this point. Who really wants to watch a drunken, drug induced, train wreck, whose life consists of getting wasted and stealing? I had enough of her a few years ago. I was never really much of a fan, but her BS just made me hate her. My GF still loves her and NEVER misses her movies. ESPECIALLY Parent Trap! Anyway, as far as I am concerned, this movie will NEVER be shown on MY TV...

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· 7 minutes ago


Lee Workman · University of North Dakota School of Medicine

Maybe the reason she is not shown "acting" is that she CAN'T ACT!

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Rory Schultz · Top Commenter

I couldn't even make it through the trailer let alone this ****ing **** stack of a 'movie'. can't even call this a movie. I'm sure she blew the director, producers, film crew. truck drivers, catering staff, security, and all their relatives just for a chance to get some cash. What a no talent waste of flesh. GO AWAY!

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Jeff Thompson · Willis High School

Please tell me she isn't going to be staring off camera at a teleprompter while saying her lines the whole time, like she does when she appears on SNL!

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· Follow Post · 42 minutes ago


Dianne Underwood · Top Commenter

no surprise, sadly, it's a mess of a movie from this tape - thank you for making it a 'no brainer' in not watching the whole thing.

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· Follow Post · 22 minutes ago


Kysha Baker · Subscribe · Top Commenter

Wow, what an epic failure! That looked HORRIBLE. One show I will be happy to miss. :)

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727 days ago
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