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Green Day


at iHeartRadio Festival

9/22/2012 5:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922_green_day_videoGreen Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong did not take kindly to having his set at the iHeartRadio Music Festival cut short last night in Las Vegas ... so he went on an expletive-laden rant on stage before smashing his guitar and storming off.

According to reports, the show was running 25 minutes behind schedule and rather than let the show run longer, organizers decided to cut down Green Day's set.

When given the one minute warning, Armstrong went ballistic, screaming, "I'm not Justin Bieber, you motherf**kers! You gotta be f**king joking. I got one minute, one minute left. Now I got nothing left. Let me show you what one minute f**king means" ... before slamming his guitar into the ground.

It's unclear why Armstrong invoked Bieber's name -- he didn't perform last night and is not scheduled to appear at the festival tonight either.


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I wish I could have been there to see that. Unfettered rage is fun to watch. Seems he feels like he got screwed, and if he was there on time and ready to play, he had a right to be mad. It's a punk band, should he have wussed out and just left?

731 days ago

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731 days ago


Haha I like Green Day and I like Billie, but he does have a temper sometimes, and hasn't always handled it in the best way.
Once a guy was giving him a hard time from the audience, Billie finally jumped into the audience thrusting out his feet out to kick the guy, but only ended up kicking a couple of innocent fans.
In this case it's pretty harmless, just destroyed his own guitar, but still a little over the top, and the Justin Bieber reference was lame, but the audience seemed to like the old Paul Stanley style show :D

731 days ago


That was awesome! Eh to stick it the man- I love that guy!

731 days ago


731 days ago


Your 15 minutes are over Billie Joe..... Well they have been over for years.

731 days ago

John Basedow    

He mentioned Beiber because he's an accomplished musician and not some pop reject with no talent like Beiber.

731 days ago


I get so sick of the hypocriy of stars like this. I know liberals don't because nobama never calls out "these" millionaires, just honest hard working businessman, but what I mean is that he's (green day as a whole too) always preaching to us about war and crap, big oil, f'in etc, and gets violent when he doesn't get his way, has mosh pits where idiots slam and hurt random kids because they can't control themselves, makes millions off of his albums, but supports nobama who says being rich is evil, and I just get sick of these idiots. Like Sean Penn, most are too young to remember he's a freakin wife beater and went to jail for beating up his then wife madonna, yet is always out there "against" war and violence though he's ALWAYS violent when he feels like it - Sharon Osbourne - preaches on her talk show against the same, and against republicans while she will screw over ANYONE to make money (hell Ozzy collects royalties and the do no let the actual song writers get them for songs Ozzy doesn't write lyrics OR music too (how can you get the full royalty unless you're a pig screwing people over). The freakin CNN and MSNBC liberal weirdos who preach and preach anti-republicanism and say they preach tolerance, but hate hate hate beyond description - look at their bizarre - I say psychotic - obsession with Sarah Palin and hating her, yet they are "tolerant".

It took me a while to figure it out but I have since come to conclude that for a liberal IF they believe in gay marriage, are gay, or have a gay friend, they believe this has earned them the tolerance card.

So now that they earn that card they can viciously hate others who don't agree with what the do, preach against "global warming"....oops silly me again...I mean "climate change" as we say now, as they travel in diesel tour buses and live in mansions that use coal powered electricity, and make thousands oftime the "carbon footprint" any one else does and so on.....just hypocrits

731 days ago


Their new songs blow.

But still like there old stuff.

731 days ago

James Woods    

Does this mean he didn't get to bash bush or did he still get that in there?

731 days ago


They suck. **** Green Day and all the over-tattooed piece of **** mother ****ing talentless bang on their gutars hapless ****s!!

731 days ago


Ok First Off, Good to see the energy and emotion and f*ck all atittude come out from Green Day! it's been a while! (almost 9 yrs) I love it.. i lost connection with them for a few yrs due to there direction change and mainstream suckage which started with American Idiot (not saying its a bad album, but its not a great album) Anyways, glad to see them speak up and say f--- all !

2ND OF ALL to all you newbs who have jumped onto the Green Day Bandwagon in the past 8 yrs.. Green Day was KNOWN in the 90s and very early 2000's for trashing/setting fire to there Instruments after there set! it's nothing new! they did so almost nightly after there shows! so what's another guitar? that is part of GREEN DAY.. which they seemed to loose during the early 2000's and ON..'

731 days ago


good to see Green Day's Passion again! love it.. f*ck everyone atittude.. though theyve gone down hill since American Idiot... good to see that Fire and F*CK off atittude poke through them once again! it's been a while.. and to all you newbs of Green Day that just on bandwagon in the past 7 yrs.. Green Day Use to always trash there gutiars/drum set after there shows! Tre use to torch and trash his Drumkit almost after every other show they did! and they would throw there gutiars along with it! it was a common and well known thing they use to do~ but they pretty much dropped that about the time American Idiot came out... in the 90's really early 2000's they use to trash there Instruments night after night!

731 days ago


Its easy why he mentioned Beibers name. Beiber performs a scripted show and Green Day doesn't. You f**k"n Dip Sh*t!

731 days ago


I can't believe people on here are actually hating on Green Day. THEY ARE GREEN DAY. They DO NOT give a ****! They had every right to be pissed off, and you Justin Bieber supporting ***gots have no clue what real music is. Clearly, Billy Joe was drunk, but that didn't stop him from putting on a good show like he always does. If you have ever been to a Green Day concert, you wouldn't be talking ****, and don't get me wrong, I kind of liked Usher n **** before, but when I saw his performance it was pathetic.... He hardly even sang his own ****ing songs. Like most newer artists, they just let the radio version background play while they do something whack as **** on stage. Most "artists" these days may sound good on the radio, but I think their performance on stage and how well they can put on a show is what matters, because then people can see them for who/what they really are. Green day has been around for a while, but they still haven't lost their touch (plus Billie Joe is still sexy as ****). The audience was really pissing me off because clearly they had no ****ing idea how good of a ****ing band they were watching, and all they wanted to see were newer artists.... go figure. But whatever, **** it. People will talk **** regardless, but you pieces of **** getting angry about what Billie Joe did are just ****ing pathetic morons. Obviously they gave you enough attention to have to write something disgraceful about them you ****ing homos.

731 days ago
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