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Green Day


at iHeartRadio Festival

9/22/2012 5:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922_green_day_videoGreen Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong did not take kindly to having his set at the iHeartRadio Music Festival cut short last night in Las Vegas ... so he went on an expletive-laden rant on stage before smashing his guitar and storming off.

According to reports, the show was running 25 minutes behind schedule and rather than let the show run longer, organizers decided to cut down Green Day's set.

When given the one minute warning, Armstrong went ballistic, screaming, "I'm not Justin Bieber, you motherf**kers! You gotta be f**king joking. I got one minute, one minute left. Now I got nothing left. Let me show you what one minute f**king means" ... before slamming his guitar into the ground.

It's unclear why Armstrong invoked Bieber's name -- he didn't perform last night and is not scheduled to appear at the festival tonight either.


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some guy    

People seem to forget this was par for the course in the early days of rock. Hendrix would show up to concerts out of his mind on acid. Remember that iconic video of Jimi lighting his guitar on fire? My only regret is that Billie didn't smash his guitar over teh Beib's head.

728 days ago


Good for them! First of all, they are a headlining band. Their time was clearly cut into and that is something you simply don't do in the music business. Totally disrespectful, especially given their legendary status. There is also a bigger story here. Did you listen how horrible most of these bands sounded? Who were those two pop/country idiot chicks??? Can you say "out of tune much"?? The whole show was a joke. Bon Jovi even sucked, and I actually used to like him. Green Day were the only bright spot. I hope tonight is better.

728 days ago

Chet Sanders    

1972 called, The Who want their act back.

728 days ago


He is right, to call out a band like greenday to play at their festival and cut their time for some crappy talentless rapper that dosnt even right his own music and sings through an auto tuner.

728 days ago


HE A BIG CRY BABY..... CRY CRY CRY ..... I WANT MORE TIME ..... there were lots if singers that day and i bet they weren't crying about there time limit.

728 days ago

Ozzie X    

Who cares? Rockstar tantrums are pathetic and ego based, ask Axl Rose.

728 days ago



728 days ago


thats just to show how so many people don't know the past and never studied the greats. Jimmy Hendrix, The Who where well known for smashing their gear at the end of a performance, that was the NORM.

728 days ago


Totally staged.
Entertains the the masses though I guess.

728 days ago


thats ro

728 days ago

News Flash     

That's why they cut you, BECAUSE your NOT Justin B. lmao

728 days ago

Rigs Rocks    

I dont blame him one bit. They straight up lied to him and changed the rules in the middle of the game. They deserved what they got.

728 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

tee hee
Seriously, these guys have WAY overextended their 15 mins. 'o fame as it is.
They need to be grateful to even be there.
And, yeah, Usher & Rihanna sell WAY more trax than GD do now.
To pretend it's ever been about anything other than $$$ is just stupid!

728 days ago


Spoiled brat, needs his ass whooped.

728 days ago


Bieber referrence meant that he isn't new music. He's been around and should have respect from i heart radio. Usher has only been around since the late part of the 90's when he started getting big with "My Way" and he took up most of green day's time then rihanna plays an even longer set them everyone and she's newer in the game then both of them. I would have been pissed too.

728 days ago
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