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Heidi Klum

I'm Ok with Going Topless


9/22/2012 11:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922-heidi-klum-gettyHeidi Klum is totally cool being topless (like most Europeans) but she is adamant that snapping half-naked shots of her in the privacy of her own home is a HUGE NO NO ... sources close to the model tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Heidi is considering filing a lawsuit after topless photos of her were printed in France. Klum is peeved because the photos were taken at her home, on a private beach. 

We're told it's that fact that has Klum particularly peeved. Our sources says Klum has no problem being photographed topless when she goes on a public beach, but it's not okay when she's on private property.

According to our sources, Heidi says the cameramen were literally hanging from trees, using long range lenses (from miles away) and sending helicopters to fly over the house in order to get the shot.

We're told Heidi is furious that these private images -- which included her small children -- were blasted all over the world for everyone to see and even ended up on porn websites.

Our sources say Heidi is waiting to see how Kate Middleton's legal battle over her topless photos turns out before deciding whether or not to sue.


No Avatar


You're no Kate Middleton honey so just drop it already.

724 days ago


The cost of suing is what's stopping her at the moment.

724 days ago

Gary Middleton    

Saying "I was on a private beach!" is not the best way to curry favor with the general public. It's the kind of thing that puts Mitt Romney's people into damage control mode.

724 days ago


Your beach may be private but the water is not, you don't want your naked body seen by the world then keep your top on!

724 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Time to hire some extreme paps to expose the Paps at their residence and at their private moments. See how they like it.

724 days ago


Please.... STFU!!!!!

724 days ago


You guys know that before long they'll be using drones. This business is effed up. And we are the consumers.

724 days ago


Christ, she takes pictures of HERSELF and tweets them out so who cares? She has NOTHING worth looking at anyway! and while we're at it, I wish they would get rid of that pic of Jennifer (don't) Love Hewitt taking a picture of herself in the mirror that keeps popping up on the right side, she looks like a grandmother trying to be sexy. BARF.

724 days ago


Stop playing Follow the leader. It takes the Royal family to sue for you to want to Sue in your situation. I need for Heidi H0e to have a seat. People cater more to royalty than to some washed up model.

724 days ago


Uhhhh...we are not OK with you going topless.

724 days ago


There's an easy way to prevent this. Allow the victims to sue for double whatever they make off the pictures. If it costs them more to publish them than they make, they'll stop.

724 days ago


I can see her point and agree with her.Heidi is a Beautiful woman,been a fan of her's for years.Granted her BOOBs are not as big and full as they used to be,but after 4 kids what do you expect.They still look good.Given the choice of going out with Heidi are any of the curren Super Models I would pick Heidi first with Kate Upton being a close second.

724 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

did she not once claim in an interview to have fully nude paintings hanging in her house for everyone to see? so why care about some photos when there are hundreds more out there, we've all seen it before lady.

besides the only reason she cares is because she looks like **** compared to how she did DECADES AGO

724 days ago


Okay, so knowing what you do with the media, why not do it the old fashioned way-keep any kind of nudity in the bedroom, bathtub/shower, etc.???? Some complain about their sex tapes going public-so why make them in the first place when you know that it going public could certainly happen? But maybe that is what you wanted all along? IF people would show some real class and morals,they wouldn't have so much to complain about. This world isn't always like BurgerKing where you can have it your way. . . .celebrity or not!!

724 days ago


She is just scared that her days of prostitution will be found out and she will no longer be the darling the media portrays her to be

724 days ago
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