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Supermodel Maggie Rizer

United Airlines Killed My Dog

9/22/2012 7:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Supermodel Maggie Rizer says United Airlines killed her dog -- and then lied about it.

Maggie says she was flying from NYC to San Fran two weeks ago and brought her 2-year-old Golden Retriever along. Maggie says Bea and her other dog were crated in the underbelly of the plane. 

According to Maggie, the plane was delayed for two hours and the plane got so hot the pilot told the passengers to open their air vents.  She believes the cargo area wasn't ventilated and the hot air caused her dog to die of heat stroke.

And it gets worse.  Maggie says United coldly told her after the plane landed that one of her dogs was dead and then lied to her -- saying they sent the dog to the vet for a necropsy (to determine cause of death) but that never happened. The dead dog was just sitting in the crate.

Maggie says, "I am so saddened by the complete lack of competence, honesty and compassion that United has shown."  Nevertheless, she is not planning to sue.  FYI, the liability limitations would not make a lawsuit worth her time.

A rep for United said the company is sorry for Maggie's loss, but said they found no mechanical or operational issues with Bea’s flight and the investigation is ongoing.


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I am the type of person who believes that accidents happen and sometimes cir***stances make for bad situations... BUT... I would actually be seriously pissed that they LIED to me about what they did with my dog's body. Trying to cover their butts by lying is a sign to me that they knew that they were at least partially at fault. Regardless, losing a pet is hard and I send her and her family my best wishes.

759 days ago


does she model hands?

759 days ago


There are 'no fly' times for animals and the airlines know this. I've shipped Persians all over the US. You don't put an animal in the belly of a plane when temps and delay's can kill them :(((

759 days ago


"honestly and compassion that United has shown"
"heat stoke"
Seriously, who writes for you folks?

759 days ago


WHO ? ..............."supermodel" ?...............what happened,harve?.....slow news day? kartrashian 'news' ...........

759 days ago


2 year old dogs don't just drop dead. Obviously, it had some connection with being on the plane, come on United. Admit what you did. I do agree with the other comments, I would NEVER, EVER fly my dogs anywhere, just because it is so darn hot and dangerous for dogs to travel in the cargo hold. There have been more than a few instances where dogs died while traveling underneath a plane, so that is obviously what kiled an otherwise healthy dog. I feel her pain. Our dogs are our babies!

759 days ago


No, you killed your dog by putting it in a crate in the cargo hold. Stop blaming others.

759 days ago


I had a [gay] neighbor who used to bring his CAT on vacation with him, all over the world. brought this on yourself. Silly rich idiots

759 days ago


Why would you take your dog on a plane knowing the dog is going to be UNDER THE PLANE? of course it's HOT no one is down there except for pets. Its wrong. I would never take my pet on a plane and leave it not knowing whats happening down there.

759 days ago

the truth    

this isnt "breaking news" at all. she posted the story like 3 days ago on reddit. step your game up TMZ.

759 days ago


I would never let my dog on a plan. This chit happens all the time. When traveling, don't let your dogs or young kids out of your sight.

759 days ago


I feel for her loss, however unfortunately that is the chance you take when you ship dogs or other animals. It happens very infrequently but it does happen and if at all possible leave your pooch behind at a kennel or with a loved one. Dog probobly passed on the ground where the temp is not controlled yet, once they take off there is ventilation in there. Sad story but I wouldn't ship my dog and it was the delay on the ground that did the pooch in, he would have been ok after take off.

759 days ago


That is awful!!! That happened to my Dad's little pug he was pooring water on her and trying to revive her and no one would help. I am sure that was the worst feeling in the world. So sorry.

759 days ago


United Airlines DESTROYED Continental Airlines. Continental's Pet Safe NEVER had this problem!

759 days ago


I'm so sorry for her lost :( SUE THEM THAT WAS HORRIBLE WHAT THE DID.

759 days ago
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