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Paul Nassif

Child Abuse Claim


9/25/2012 3:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the Department of Children and Family Services has determined Adrienne Maloof's child abuse claims against estranged hubby Paul Nassif are unfounded, and Paul will go to court tomorrow to get his kids back.

As we first reported, Adrienne went to court last week, claiming Paul choked one of their kids and struck another.  Adrienne submitted declarations by several people, including Dr. Charles Sophy, who claims he interviewed the boys and they verified the abuse.

But we've learned DCFS strongly disagrees.  Sources tell us DCFS has written a report -- after interviewing the boys -- categorically concluding there was no such abuse.

Sources tell TMZ ... Paul is going to court Wednesday to ask a judge to throw out the temporary custody order -- along with the order prohibiting Paul from going near his kids -- on grounds Adrienne phonied the claim. 

What's more, we're told Paul will ask for sanctions against his estranged wife, claiming she viciously concocted the abuse story to get revenge.


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annoyed in SF    

i hate her. she looks horrendous from the stringy, dry extensions with glitter(youre like 60), to the plastic surgery that makes her look like the cat lady. she was incredibly STUPID and self centered on RHOBH. She's not reasonable, she's a nag, and she's jealous of anyone else's success......point for Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville.

755 days ago


Using their children as pawns....pretty low.

755 days ago


Don't forget to reclaim you gun too.....

755 days ago


I have to say I NEVER BELIEVED Adrienne for a second. There may have been an off chance I could've been wrong but I had a feeling it was BS! If it EVEN WAS TRUE...why the hell would she stay with him if it was in fact happening? Wasn't she the one chastizing that LOSER TAYLOR for not being forthcoming about her abuse claims yet Adrienne chose to be "supposedly" secret with her claims of abuse from Paul? SHE'S A LIAR AND A HYPOCRITE and is trying to use her power and fame against her Ex! I bet she paid her chef who "supposedly" witnessed the incidents to say what he said! SHE'S AS MUCH OF A VINDICTIVE LYING BITCH AS THAT ANAL LEAKAGE WIPE HALLE BERRY!

755 days ago

Jay W.     

Adrienne looks like a lying witch. Not saying she is but from my experiences with deceitful backstabbing whores, the resemblance is uncanny

755 days ago


I didn't believe it for a minute. It's not going to look good for her at a time when she is trying to push for her own show with her family on NBC.

755 days ago


She should now lose by default. She is clearly a bad parent for lying like that in the first place.

755 days ago


What will she try next? Maybe she'll pull a 'Taylor Armstrong' and say he has been abusing her for years and she needed the plastic surgery to cover it up.

755 days ago


I think we all had a feeling this was the case. God damn, how low a person can you be to do this to a man who -- by many accounts -- loves his kids?? For Chrissakes, someone penalize this evil, lying, train wreck bitch. GO PAUL! MILLIONS OF US ARE ON YOUR SIDE!

755 days ago


Well, we all knew her claims were a bunch of b.s. I hope this costs her dearly in the divorce and future custody. She is a nasty piece of work.

755 days ago


Of course they're unfounded; we, the wise readers on this site told ya so weeks ago. Hoping he gets primary custody.

755 days ago


When they say "catagorically," to which catagories are they referring???

755 days ago


Get her Paul! Make her pay BIG. I would say a defamation and slander suit would be in order too. Women like this make me sick. It's liars like them that go before Judge's wasting the courts time to make false accusations against good parents because they are f-d up and want to "win". There are women out there who have legitimate cases and she is wasting the courts time because she is rich and thinks she can publically humiliate the man she once loved because he is fed up with her hateful behavior. Shame on you Adrienne. You are only hurting those kids that you supposedly are trying to protect.

755 days ago


Good, victory for fathers, children and Paul.
But....based on nothing more than accusations, he lost time with his kids, he suffered public humiliation, kids were made public spectacles, kids were used as tools, kids were undoubtedly questioned and told their dad was an abuser, putting the kids through stress.
And what about the so-called witnesses who lied?

755 days ago


she's a sea-hag

755 days ago
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