Paul Nassif Child Abuse Claim UNFOUNDED

9/25/2012 3:43 PM PDT

Paul Nassif -- Children & Family Services Says Adrienne Maloof's Child Abuse Claim is Unfounded


TMZ has learned ... the Department of Children and Family Services has determined Adrienne Maloof's child abuse claims against estranged hubby Paul Nassif are unfounded, and Paul will go to court tomorrow to get his kids back.

As we first reported, Adrienne went to court last week, claiming Paul choked one of their kids and struck another.  Adrienne submitted declarations by several people, including Dr. Charles Sophy, who claims he interviewed the boys and they verified the abuse.

But we've learned DCFS strongly disagrees.  Sources tell us DCFS has written a report -- after interviewing the boys -- categorically concluding there was no such abuse.

Sources tell TMZ ... Paul is going to court Wednesday to ask a judge to throw out the temporary custody order -- along with the order prohibiting Paul from going near his kids -- on grounds Adrienne phonied the claim. 

What's more, we're told Paul will ask for sanctions against his estranged wife, claiming she viciously concocted the abuse story to get revenge.