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Ann Romney

I EAT Like a Celebrity

9/26/2012 6:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Romney
followed up her "Tonight Show" appearance with dinner at LA landmark, The Ivy -- a restaurant known for 2 things: paparazzi and high-priced salads.

Mitt Romney's wife walked out of the Ivy last night with 4 friends and Secret Service agents in tow -- but she was tight-lipped when we asked the question everyone wants answered ... when you leave The Ivy: "What did you have for dinner?"

Fact is the most popular menu item is a grilled veggie salad ... which will run you anywhere from $27.75 to $37.75.

Take that 47-percenters.

For the record ... Ann's friends told us they THINK she had salad with fish.


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RIP journalism.

757 days ago


I ate a grilled cheese sandwich last night... Who cares TMZ!? U guys run worthless stories all the time!

757 days ago


So what??? She CAN!!! They have worked hard to build their empire so this woman is entitled to "eat" or spend their money however she chooses. I live in LA, I'm in the highest tax bracket and PAY my taxes so other less fortunate people can live. I chose to attend college for 12 years and earn multiple college degrees including my M.D., PhD AT MY EXPENSE!!!

757 days ago


So when Michelle Obama wears her $500 dollar sneakers or designer clothes it's celebrated but when it's Ann Romney spending $30 on a meal (not unheard of) she's critized? You guys are such hypocrites!!

757 days ago


How many left wing liberal celebrities do you support on TMZ that eat here and label them "1%'ers"?

757 days ago


Come on! You guys get videos of people eating there ALL the time and never blast them for crap like that. Also, FLOTUS can spend MILLIONS on clothes and such and ANN is going to get made fun of for a Salad? You guys are better than that. I'm not even voting for Romney but at least I can keep it fair. Points lost, guys.

757 days ago


So what, stop being so biased. I am sure harvey has never eaten there, right Harvey!!

757 days ago


I didn't finish my comment and submitted it accidentally. My point is, lay off of us more fortunate folks who have EARNED our livings and harp on those who suck $$$ out of people like me and do nothing with their lives. By the way, I purchase thousand dollar shoes, etc. because I CAN. TAKE THAT TMZ!

757 days ago


Good for her. If you have the money, spend it. People tend to forget, because of 'you know who', that we are a CAPITALIST society. Spend Ann, spend.
And FCUK the poor.

757 days ago


Ok, someone has to ask......did she get tossed salad?

757 days ago


Good for her! Nice to see someone enjoying nice things with the money she and her husband EARNED due to hard work.

757 days ago


What difference does it make what she ate for dinner? How many Obama ass kissing celebrities paid $40,000 to have dinner with him? You guys are a bunch of Obama zombies. Stick to what you know...stalking celebrities that NO ONE cares about.

757 days ago


You guys are pathetic, really now. One of the busiest restaurants (and not all that good) in Los Angeles and you make an issue of HER having a salad for $30.
Hey where does curmudgeonly Harvey eat??

757 days ago


Good for her! It's her money to spend as she wishes! It's the EBTers living and eating better than the working class that should p!ss people off.

757 days ago


When I want grilled vegetables I go to my garden pick them, then fire up my little grill. Cost all told, considering the cost of garden plants and the minute amount of propane the little grill uses, I'd say about $1.00 or less. If I am going to spend $27 on something it most certainly would have been moving a day and a half ago.

757 days ago
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