Ann Romney Emergency Landing Fire in the Cockpit

9/21/2012 2:12 PM PDT

Ann Romney's Plane Makes Emergency Landing -- Fire in the Cockpit

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Ann Romney's plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Colorado moments ago ... after a fire broke out in the cockpit and the cabin filled with smoke.

According to a Romney spokesperson, the plane landed safely and no one onboard suffered any injuries.

The rep posted a statement on Twitter saying, "All okay. Thank goodness."

Upon arrival, the fire department rushed to the plane in an effort to find the source of the smoke.  A spokesperson for the Denver Fire Dept. said the smoke came from a "small fire in the cockpit."

The plane was heading from Omaha to Los Angeles.

Mitt Romney was not onboard the plane, he was in Nevada during the mid-air emergency ... where he was appearing at a fundraiser.