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Ann Romney

I EAT Like a Celebrity

9/26/2012 6:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Romney
followed up her "Tonight Show" appearance with dinner at LA landmark, The Ivy -- a restaurant known for 2 things: paparazzi and high-priced salads.

Mitt Romney's wife walked out of the Ivy last night with 4 friends and Secret Service agents in tow -- but she was tight-lipped when we asked the question everyone wants answered ... when you leave The Ivy: "What did you have for dinner?"

Fact is the most popular menu item is a grilled veggie salad ... which will run you anywhere from $27.75 to $37.75.

Take that 47-percenters.

For the record ... Ann's friends told us they THINK she had salad with fish.


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I had surprise casserole. Rice, veggies, can of cream of celery and when you find a piece of chicken in it you yell surprise!!

725 days ago


I respect Ann Romney more than anyone working at TMZ. She raised 5 sons, has suffered cancer, lives with MS and Mitt. God Bless Her!

725 days ago


Man, Obama has done such a great job dividing this country. Since when is being successful a negative?

- Prosperity is a good thing
- 2008 Obama wanted to bring the nation together and in 2012 I would say this nation is further apart.
- Mitt was born with a golden spoon, YET, he went out and succeeded on his own. How many people do you know sat back and lived off their parents fortunes (no Mitt)
- The Obamas didn't have s golden spoon, yet they went out and achieved on their own.
Moral of the story -- as an American living in America, you CAN create your own life -- get off your *ss and turn off the television.
- Sure, Mitt's business dealings sent jobs overseas in an time era where every business did the same thing including those that accepted taxpayer money
-- Prior to being POTUS.... Obama NEVER ran anything -- and his first 4 years as CEO of America is "Incomplete" -- give me a break. Good thing because otherwise we could criticize him for sending jobs overseas.

725 days ago

Stacy Allison    

Why don't you follow Michelle Obama around and see how much her food costs! Biased!

724 days ago


I have the feeling if it were Michelle TMZ would be praising her for her good taste in restaurants and having a salad.

724 days ago


I love seeing all the pro Ann comments and calling out TMZ for this lousy reporting on a nothing story. Romney/Ryan 2012

724 days ago

Stacy Allison    

The media is so biased! Nobody reports anything bad about what Michelle Obama eats or how much money she spends! I'll be glad when Mitt is our new President!

724 days ago

some guy    

Dumb... could've been an opportunity for her to show she's a regular person but instead comes off as a spoiled, entitled elitist that's too good to talk to you if you don't have a talk show. Can't believe the Romneys are the best the Republicans have to offer. Lincoln's spinning in his grave at the sorry state of his party.
Not saying that Obama's any better. *cough* murderer

724 days ago


Who cares where people eat dinner? I'm sure the Obama's have eaten at expensive restaurants over the years and you probably never even mentioned that. The mainstream media is so incredibly biased, it's ridiculous!

724 days ago


TMZ lets talk about all the lavish spending Michelle Obama does on the tax payers dime. Every other week Mrs. Obama is firing up Air Force One, Two or Three, loading up the kids and heading off to Spain, Africa, New England, Hawaii or, yes, Las Vegas, for yet another party
At least the Romney can pay for their own trips.

724 days ago


And how much does oBAMa and moochelle spend on their dinners????

724 days ago


I used to enjoy visiting this site to see what was up in Hollywood. Now I see it's just turned into another biased Liberal mouthpiece just like the mainstream media. Congratulations TMX you just lost a follower.

724 days ago

really! really?    

Unless the salad was topped with shredded children, honestly couldn't care less...

724 days ago


Ann Romney can eat wherever and whatever she wants. She a class act. TMZ needs to get a life.

724 days ago


I'm sure the Obama's don't eat at expensive restaurants. I wonder if the liberal media would point out how expensive the Ivy salads were if Mrs. Obama had dinner there?

724 days ago
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