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'Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller

Honey Boo Boo Child

"Needs To Get In Shape!"

9/27/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Dance Moms" head honcho Abby Lee Miller is offering up health advice to 7-year-old reality star Honey Boo Boo ... telling TMZ, Boo Boo needs to be down with the fitness if she wants to win pageants.

Miller was at the Abbey in West Hollywood when she admitted she wasn't happy with her own weight issues -- but moments later started ripping HBB ... saying she "needs to get in shape. She needs to be at a dance studio. She needs to be training. She needs to work on her turnout."

If you've seen Abby's show, you know she doesn't pull punches -- even with kids -- but we gotta ask ...


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Spicy mag    

If they were both starving on an island I bet honey boo boo child would become rotisserie.

719 days ago


Those kids pageant are disgusting, and sure honeybb is a little chubby but a lot of kids are at that age and she's not overly fat or anything

719 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

(But that's what makes "Boo Boo " so moving, this little girl has NO chance of any real career, and yet the mom keeps tryin'!)
God, I love Abby and Boo Boo!!!

719 days ago


nothing like been told to get fit from someone who looks even more out of shape

719 days ago


abby lee miller is like dangerously obese i just puked up my salad..x

719 days ago


Wow Abby, She is a 7 year old child!!! Children from the get go should by all means eat healthy but dieting at 7? Noooooooooo!!!! I do disagree with how the Mom is exploiting her daughter though. I don't know how the people that throw these pagents get away with these lil girls being all dolled up with make-up, Wigs... Etc. They should win for their natural beauty minus the above. The Moms are just as bad for forcing their daughters into the pagent way of life. Its all pretty pathetic.

719 days ago


ROFLMAO, not only is this woman OVERWEIGHT, she the HEIGHT of SCRIPTED DRAMA. So, she's going to call that kid out on weight and claim she needs a diet and workout and she's "HOW SLIM?". Funny and very IRONIC?
Best part about this, is what TMZ is doing. They make fun of Jessica Simpson, who just had a baby and about how big she got. They make fun of anyone else that's gained weight, Lady Ga-Ga and her twenty five pounds yet you have guys and girls in the TMZ office that started out big, got bigger, FAT MIKE!!! You prick, your wife is the one that had the baby, NOT YOU!!!
This FAT BITCH want's to call out this kid? How is that? You don't call out someone that is HUGE, or FAT, or put on extra weight when you weighed more than them to begin with. HARVEY, WTF, is wrong with you?

719 days ago


Fat parents most always have fat kids. It's sad but true. Then we all pay the price with our insurance premiums being sky high. Thanks fat people!

719 days ago


Spam vvv lol. Abby's in a way that if you're going to have a competitive kid they foots bring their A game! & be top notch. But really, HBB is just a kid... that's all I gots to say about that. :)

719 days ago

BB not bb    

She is correct. If Honey wants to win pageants, then she needs to be in shape. She can have all the personality in the world, but if she can't get her dance moves and is overweight, those are strikes against her. Maybe she doesn't care about winning but just wants to have fun.

I think they should eat better. Honey gets exercise but she gets bored practicing the dance moves. That is probably important to winning. Maybe she needs a different dance teacher who is more inspiring.

I think that if their favorite dish is the ole sketti, they need to improve their eating habits. Junk food and snacks lead to obesity. You body craves more food when you deplete it through foods that take away nutrition, such as refined flours.

A paegent by its very nature is a critique. If this lady trains people to win, she has to criticize what is wrong to get the job done.

719 days ago


yeah maybe june should send boo boo to one of those dance classes where they can yell and what not at her.say what you will about boo boo's mom.but the girls seem like they are well taken care of.and the mother isnt a total bitch to them

719 days ago


I disagree with this woman being correct in order to win pagents. HBB is a child of 7 that is still growing. Some kids are a lil chubby but do in fact lose the baby fat and thin out as they get taller. healthy eating habits are a good thing as well but omg she is a child. Hopefully her Mom will stop exploiting her. I believe that her Mom might be living the dream that she never had through her daughter.

719 days ago


I feel bad for that little girl.
Cause right now she's a "beauty queen" but when she gets older she's gonna look like her parents.
I hope they save the money they make off this exploitation...

719 days ago


Hmm isn't this woman obese? lol She is a dance teacher who somehow can teach little kids to dance without ever getting her fat ass to do a dance move herself lol

719 days ago


KETTLE...POT...BLACK. Enough said...

719 days ago
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