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Britney Spears

Accuser Claims Drug Dog

Found Crystal Meth In Home

9/28/2012 10:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sam Lutfi
 -- the self-proclaimed manager of Britney Spears who is suing her for defamation -- claims in new legal docs a drug-sniffing dog found a cache of crystal meth in her home.

The allegations were filed in connection with the upcoming trial. Lutfi claims Britney, along with her parents Lynn and Jamie -- defamed him by saying he drugged the singer during her dark period.

In the docs, Lutfi talks about what he would want Britney to testify about. As of now, she will not take the stand because a judge has found she is not competent to testify as a result of the conservatorship.

Lutfi says in the docs Britney should testify about an incident in 2007 ... he claims he "brought drug-sniffing dogs into her home ... and they found a cache of crystal methedrine, which was destroyed."

Lutfi goes on ... "Britney should further testify that drug dogs found 'hot spots of drug residue in the carpeting, where her young sons [ages 1 and 3] played during visits."

Lutfi says he covered it up by shampooing and eventually replacing the carpet.

Lutfi also claims Britney told him her dad Jamie "was a violent racist," and an abusive alcoholic.

For the record ... Jamie became Britney's conservator and is widely credited with saving her life.

Britney's reps could not immediately be reached for comment.


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Sam Lufti is DELUSIONAL, DECEITFUL, EVIL - choose any negative adjective and it applies.

Want to hear the real story? Sam Lufti was high on crystal and got mad when Britney wouldn't buy him any more. So he created this crazy fantasy like the fantasy that he was her agent so he could have a never-ending supply of meth. In order to make his plans came true he started DRUGGING Britney with powerful Rx sedatives and anti-psychotics.

Britney's Dad SAVED HER LIFE - The rest of the world sees this and she's on top of her game now.

Sam Lufti is one of those people that when reports of his death surface there will be cheers and celebrations around the world - kind of like Bin Laden

723 days ago


He's a fruitcake. Britney was mentally ill at the time, drugged (by him or herself), and out of her mind. Sam needs to go away and leave the past behind him. He has terrorized several others this way, taking advantage of their weaknesses when they were down. I hate this MFer.

723 days ago

richard fickett    

It well bee OK Brit just Hang in there and Take Care :)

723 days ago


Ill comment for her dad Lufti is a s*** bag who indeed was the one who put the stuff there so she would go to jail and he could clean her out , hes the worst of the worst pawn s*** . how hes able to even walk around Hollywood is beyond me , and then he dd the same to another up and coming actor bit he was not having sam scam him , DID someone say the s*** of the world SAm the scam

723 days ago


F-ck him, seriously. LIES!

723 days ago


thats is TRUE,Jamie is a rude racist.

723 days ago


well, he is right about Jamie "was a violent racist," was and stil is.....

723 days ago


All Britney seems to be is a paycheck for everyone around her. I give her father credit for being there and getting her back on track, lets hope this gets thrown out in court and let Britney get on with her life.

723 days ago


For the record, Sam Lufti has wormed his way into Courtney Love's life now, if anyone was wondering what happened to him.

723 days ago


What does Chris Crocker have to say about all of this?

723 days ago


Lufti might be a puke but what are the Spears family using the conservatorship to hide?

723 days ago

BB not bb    

Three witnesses against his one testimony. He has no contract to say that he was Britney's manager. What is his point? He wants them to say sorry? They don't want to be around him, but he won't go away.

Britney was acting confused and like she had no self respect when she was around him. What good was he really doing her? Is he trying to save her liffe still? Is he helping her by saying she had her kids sniffing meth in her carpets?

Does he even have bill for the new carpet or for the drug sniffing dogs? Maybe he is on meth and dreaming all of this up.

You might have thought he was just trying to be a good Sam, until you hear about hm doing the same thing to other stars. They need his help like a hole in the head.

723 days ago


Who is Sam Lutfi? Where'd he come from, where did he go? Where'd you come from, Samuel Lutfi?

723 days ago

ummm baby, was I to know....that sam had some dogs.

723 days ago


He's stalking her again. He might actually be telling the truth about Jamie and he might be telling the truth about the meth but he was just as abusive to Britney as her family and Jason are now. He probably was the one one brought the drugs in the house and then kept Britney drugged into orbit so she didn't notice. ALL of them leeched off her fame. If I were Britney I'd get a new man, grab the kids, ditch the psychiatric med nonsense, and go live in a tiny town in Mexico. She wouldn't need any of the meds if she didn't have to support three diferrent families. They all need to go get real jobs. Sam needs to give up his stalking and get help. How does his family tolerate his stalking women?

723 days ago
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