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Lindsay Lohan

Charges Dropped

Against Alleged Attacker

9/30/2012 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0930_lindsay_lohan_3Lindsay Lohan will not be getting the justice she was seeking ... police have dropped charges against the man accused of attacking her early this morning in a New York hotel ... TMZ has learned. 

Christian LaBella was arrested after LiLo claimed he attacked her when she confronted him about secretly taking pictures and video of her in the hotel room. Lohan and a few friends had met LaBella earlier in the evening at a nightclub.

LaBella had initially been charged with two misdemeanor counts of assault and two counts of harassment. But the NYPD tells TMZ the charges have been dropped, after detectives investigated further and there was not enough evidence to support LiLo's claims.

Just your typical Lindsay Lohan weekend ...


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Red Cloud    

"God only knows what else he does in life. Probably is down with not paying taxes, shoplifting attempts, drunk driving, anger management problems, etc etc etc."
LOL!!!!!!!!! I love jumping in here for a few minutes in the morning for a laugh!!!! You forgot, Lindsay is as bad as Susan Smith, Casey Anthony, Manson, OJ Simpson, Jack The Ripper, the average bank robber, and Vlad The Impaler, and I worship ALL of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

696 days ago



696 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Is it just me or does RC seem to have gone off the deep end?
BTW, Lindsay will not pursue this guy. She does not have the attention span for it, nor the clout to make it happen.

696 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    


Gotta run, BBL. Now Red Cloud will appear. Just like HELL(P) does after I leave.

39 minutes ago

And right on schedule, as usual. So predictable, and sooooo boring.

696 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Lindsay and her MANY MANY MANY issues are just becoming a bore now. She an her entire dysfunctional family are nothing short of creepy. Honey Boo Boo seems to be getting better parenting, and the perpetual drama train is becoming redundant.

696 days ago


"Burp,mumble,De Truf wil Prevale"
Memo to Dr. Phil Dont let that bitch on the show anymore

696 days ago


New spin:

"Lohan became suspicious LaBella had been taking photos of her, tricked him into giving her his cell phone, and then ran down a hall trying to delete the photos and videos."

696 days ago


I posted this to Buffoon a few hours ago. I doubt he has the capability to click on other pages so am re-posting it here. Sorry for the space, but wanted to make sure he could see this, IF he is sober enough to figure out the big words, like "and, the, if....."

Buffoon, when I want REAL news, I go to the AP. I don't bother with the gossip sites. The one's you refer to are two of the worst garbage rags. Just because you want to make your own reality and twist stuff to suit yourself doesn't mean the rest of us do. You say you come here to be a troll. That's fine, we expect nothing less from you. We get it. You demand answers from the posters here, when they GIVE you the answers, you repeatedly ask for the same answers again. Yet not once can you give a reasonable answer to questions asked of you. You give NO answers. The other day, you dared to liken your "intelligence" to that of GC. Let me tell you something BUCKO. GC has more intelligence in her pinky than you have in your entire body. You are a drunken drugged out excuse for a human being. Unless and until YOU can answer questions, you are a waste of time and space. It was fun toying with you, making fun of you, and pushing your buttons. It no longer is. I am done with playing with you. I cannot and will not speak for others on this board. As far as I am concerned you are a boorish NO FLY. If you ever become sober, I think I would actually enjoy debating with you. As of now, talking with you is like talking to that lame brain Izzy or RW. Totally useless. You pontificate ad nauseum and say nothing noteworthy. So I am no flying you. Its the best help I can offer you.

696 days ago


Congrats Lohans NANA sullivan Just got signed to "VIVID Entertainment" she will be on the big screen before lindsay..with a 3 picture movie deal

696 days ago


so now they can scratch 2012 as "Linsay best year ever"
And go back to the Drawing Boards..
this year was another mess. from IRS all the way to totaling cars .
what happened to lielo saying "I will never be in court anymore"
guess that was another FAIL she will be there in a few weeks

696 days ago


Today is the official no-fly for the E-turds. Let's see how effective it is.......

696 days ago


crashed up pics of a car that she fled from an still "Its not her fault" right then you just know it will never change...

696 days ago


There are so many stars calling Lindsay a loser on TV that they cant post them all in columns..
its a daily thing now..
she has a worse reputation then she did in 2007..
the people on TV that use to defend her have all given up

696 days ago


and now.. the pics

696 days ago


My dearest darlingest H8turds.....

Don't forget to check with in about a month or two for the litany of great reviews of the magnificent W Hotel - New York. Should be some interesting write-ups - especially regarding the calm, serene atmosphere. Probably some good ones about the Standard and the Chateau coming soon, too. Good stuff!

696 days ago
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