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Lindsay Lohan

I Want My Attacker


9/30/2012 12:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0930_lindsay_lohan_2Lindsay Lohan is on the other side of an arrest for a change and she wants to see the guy who allegedly attacked her early this morning prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

According to our sources, Lindsay is telling friends she is still in shock over what went down this morning at her hotel room in NYC. We're told she is sticking to the story she told cops -- that the man, Christian LaBella, attacked her after she confronted him for taking pictures of her and her friends.

We're told Lindsay believes Christian befriended someone in her group earlier that night at the club -- with the sole purpose of getting close to her. According to our sources, when Lindsay and her friends headed back to the hotel Christian tagged along.

Our sources says, later that night, Lindsay caught Christian recording her with his cell phone inside her hotel room. When Lindsay tried to stop him, she saw he had taken over 50 photos and videos and had been emailing them to friends. 

According to our sources, Lindsay is not badly hurt -- no bruises, but a few scratches -- and plans on cooperating with police fully so Christian can prosecuted for the alleged attack.

The grass is always greener when you're not the one being accused of a crime.


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Since TMZ is on Lohan's side they are not reporting what NY daily news is which is that THE ASSAULT CHARGE IS GOING TO BE DROPPED since she refused medical attention and did not appear to be injured and LINDSAY IS IN TROUBLE FOR STEALING HIS PHONE so she might be charged! She will be in more trouble than him! I love it! I hope she goes to jail for her violations of probation.

750 days ago


She REFUSED medical attention at the time of the "assault" because she wasn't sober - no mystery there.

750 days ago


Maybe I did not read this story correctly but, if Lindsay allowed this man to become part of her group-then grabbed his phone from him - isn't she the one once again doing something wrong. If he had time to take 50 pictures and emal them he was there a while. Who is she to grab someones property? Sounds to me that she should have charges brought against her, but like I said maybe I read the story wrong.

750 days ago


I am off to play Angry Birds, I name all the pigs Linds. Gotta love it, when threatened with the exact charges SHE wants to prosecute him for, its a wash. New York/New Yorkers, love you all but DAMN am I glad she is out of my state and in yours. LOL. Now Suge Knight knows where to send his buds again. ROFLMFAO

750 days ago


I wonder if all the people she hit with her car, blamed for her mistakes, stole from and gave std's too would like her felonious azz arrested and prosecuted too! S L U T B A G!!!

750 days ago



FFS, UPYOURS called it pages ago:
"See, I knew he couldn't possibly have choked her with all those chins getting in the way."

750 days ago


There are reports of $45,000.00 in damages to her hotel room. Since the room is only 140 sq. ft., that must've been some grief tornado

750 days ago


TMZ. Stop please

750 days ago


I stopped and read some posts, now I am up to speed. This woman is a MORON!!!

750 days ago

Hot Farts    

Sounds like they both took out Civil Harrassment TROs against each other. In such a case there will be a hearing and each will bring witnesses etc. to prove their case. Bet the hooker never even shows for the hearing

750 days ago


it wasnt her fault the cocaine and special K made her do it..
someone must of dosed her with GHP in her water bottle and the angle Dust in her ciggies effect her decision making

750 days ago

Lynn M    

So I'm confused...She grabs his phone out of his hand and he's the only one in trouble? Sounds like she started it. If she didn't want her picture taken, she should have confiscated phones at her door.

750 days ago


She wants the guy prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. What a laugh for someone who has never been prosecuted to the fullest extent, is a known liar, cheat and thief. I cannot stop laughing it is so funny.

750 days ago


As a matter of fact, how do we even know she is telling the truth.

750 days ago


lindsay lohan <<-- add oxygen becomes instant ass hole

750 days ago
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