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The Kennedys

Home Town Face Slap

Arnold's Bio Sells Out

10/2/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the unkindest cut of all for the Kennedy clan -- after Maria was betrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the philanderer is cashing in big on the Kennedy's home turf.

We did some digging ... and found out the Hyannis Port residents care deeply about what Arnold has done behind Maria's back, because the book stores in town have completely sold out of "Total Recall."

In fact, residents were chomping at the bit to get the book, because most of the sales were pre-orders.

In case you didn't know, Hyannis Port is pretty much synonymous with the Kennedy family name. It's where JFK called home, and where Arnold told Maria's mom her daughter had a great ass.


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Bitch please    

He looks like Satan. Scary.

750 days ago


TMZ promoting this douche book so much? Enough already.

750 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Oh, puleeze!!!
You KNOW the folk in Hyannis Port cannot STAND the Kracknnedys and are L-U-R-V-I-N' all of Azznold's douchey dirt.
(Schadenfreude--delight in the misery of others.)
Yum! LAPPIN' it up! LOL!!!

750 days ago


always said white males are punks and cowards
arnie a perfect example.....yet he calls other men 'girlie men' - how hypocritical!
bunch of weak fu-king men by nature
im soo mad right now just thinking what that poor woman and her kids are going through...
arnold with all the opportunities in life, one would expect class, right? but noooo...
yet im sure this a-hole would be one of the first ones to judge poor people and expect class from them.
How ironic..:(

750 days ago


Arnold's book & interviews prove he is a sociopath.

750 days ago


Ok TMZ... How many book stores are there in Hyannis Park?????

750 days ago

News Flash     

Taylor Swift bought them all to save the Kennedy's shame.

750 days ago


Don't know why this irritates me so, but it's "chAmping at the bit". Horses champ. Usually not so nit-picky, even when you make basic grammatical mistakes, but this one is a pet peeve. Common usage does not make something correct.

750 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

The Kennedy's bought up all the books. Dahhhh
Phishie from Philly

750 days ago


TMZ staff (and the Kennedys behind these stories -- who the f*ck cares except the Kennedys?) are idiots. You're in the publishing business. Of course that would be one of the key demographics -- maybe the only demographics -- in the United States that would actually be interested in the gossip. Tell the Kennedys to get a life and let this blow over already. Not everything in the media about the Kennedys has to be Kennedy-approved anymore.

750 days ago


Nothing but a ploy to gain sympathy, and get a chance to say his side of the story and it would take a book to attempt to explain how for years and years he lived the lifestyle of a douchebag. Easier to write a book, apologize over to the world and family for what you have done but the fact is...nothing will excuse his behaviour. I mean for years and years..not like a one time thing, he had a child and still maintained a double life in his own home. It's a shame if his book does well, but again...just the way life is now. Society's need to know basis about every lurid details..

750 days ago


God damn it TMZ, it's "CHAMPING at the bit, not "CHOMPING." (Look it up.) Your writers suck. At least this one didn't misuse "ironically" as they all love to do. (Look it up.) And for the record, regarding every third "article" written for this site, "led" is not the past tense of "lead." "LEAD" is. Look that up too.

750 days ago

northern gypsy    

honestly can't say i'm surprised...dare i say...he's even out douched all the combined secrets of the kennedy clan !!!

750 days ago


It's champing at the bit.
Everyone gets that wrong.

750 days ago


He was a crappy governor. I cheered the day he left office, and now I change the channel whenever I see his face.

I've been using the remote a lot lately. Arnold, just go away already.

750 days ago
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