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The Kennedys

Home Town Face Slap

Arnold's Bio Sells Out

10/2/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the unkindest cut of all for the Kennedy clan -- after Maria was betrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the philanderer is cashing in big on the Kennedy's home turf.

We did some digging ... and found out the Hyannis Port residents care deeply about what Arnold has done behind Maria's back, because the book stores in town have completely sold out of "Total Recall."

In fact, residents were chomping at the bit to get the book, because most of the sales were pre-orders.

In case you didn't know, Hyannis Port is pretty much synonymous with the Kennedy family name. It's where JFK called home, and where Arnold told Maria's mom her daughter had a great ass.


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Haha of course he's selling out everywhere...the country *loves* Arnold :D
And none of us have any idea how their marriage worked.
Arnold-haters are *assuming* Maria was a saintly perfect wife, assuming she never cheated, assuming things they don't know.
Either way, I find Arnold to have a lot more good qualities than bad qualities, and with those good qualities he has indisputably helped thousands of other people in their lives....particularly in teaching people over the years how to believe in themselves, how to stand up and keep working towards your goals when you're being attacked, and how to be successful in whatever area of life you choose to be.
That's why the country loves Arnold ;)

721 days ago


i think the reason Arnold came out and said he had various affairs was he got so much grief about how Mildred looked. his ego is so emormous that he wanted to let 'the guys' know he had affairs with hot women like Bridgette Nielson in the 80's and not just with an unattractive houskeeper. want to put a face on narcissim? look no further than Arnold S.

721 days ago


Arnold is a self made man...ambitious and hard working from a young age, I am sure it was no mistake he met and married a Kennedy. What could be better for him credibility wise, than being a part of the Kennedy clan. After he built wealth, it was on to build power. This is a very calculating man. I am sure it was part of his plan to become the most successful immigrant ever. Maria was probably a business decision, like everything else in his life. He obviously never planned on giving up up his promiscuous lifestyle...and he paid for silence. This book can only serve to hurt his children and former wife. It was hurtful enough, now he is rubbing salt in the wounds. Of course, the coward wouldn't have dared do this while Sargent Shriver or Eunice were alive, as Arnie would have had his assed kicked back to Germany. Keep your head high Maria.
You believed in a man who was not worthy of you. Keep looking, you deserve much better.

721 days ago


kelly ripa the star has aids

721 days ago


Intelligent people knew in 1986 that he was only marrying Maria to use her as a stepping stone for his political aspirations. The man is absent of real human emotion. He's empty inside. He is not capable of loving anyone but himself. A man who would cheat and put his wife at risk for sexually-transmitted diseases is not much of a man, and Arnold cheated often. I would be so ashamed if I had to call him my father, or my husband, or my son. He is so accomplished in his life, and while he got there by bullying people, he totally missed the boat on the role model obligations that go with fame and parenting, which is less of an obligation and more of a privilege, that Arnold shyt all over. A shameful human being all around.

721 days ago


Being informed is what the Kennedy's are all about.

721 days ago


He makes me physically ill! I think he's ugly, can't understand a bloody word he says! WHY women would throw themselves at HIM is beyond me! He is just hurting Maria and their children over and over again! Disgusting excuse of a "human being"

721 days ago


His voice is scaring me!

721 days ago


Of course everyone in town has bought the book...this is like their own private "Desperate Housewives!" They know all the players in this story do they want the dirt! Just goes to show the character of our society.

721 days ago


What's next? The movie?

720 days ago


It would be ironic for the Kennedy's to get their knickers in a knot over philandering when Maria's grandfather, Joseph Kennedy, excelled in and flaunted his womanizing. JFK, RFK and Teddy (remember Mary Jo Kopechne anyone??) were all huge womanizers and the Kennedy women were told to just accept it. I guess Maria didn't get that memo.

720 days ago

Patrice Michelle    

He has no limit smh! Come support my page on FB!

720 days ago


Don't look to this equating to The Schwarz being welcomed with open arms in Hyannis Port , regardless of whether or not the townsfolk adore the Kennedys.

720 days ago


Who cares what he did to Maria. She's a whiny liberal. He's a douchebag for so many other reasons

720 days ago


Arnold did a bad thing but Arnold is not an entitled Kennedy. Maria was a horrible tv interviewer and got the job by her last name. Arnold brought himself up from his bootstraps and became the number one body builder and made a famous video about it that we all still watch. It was incredible and funny.

Then he studied English and worked on his accent and started in film and became a number one box office star.

Then he became Governor of California.

He wrote a book about his life. He deserves to tell his life story. He is a somebody because he did it on his own.

720 days ago
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