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Gunplay Attack

Footage Shows 50's Crew

Unleash Beatdown

10/3/2012 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


A video has surfaced showing rapper Gunplay getting his head slammed into a metal barricade outside the BET Awards Sunday night in Atlanta -- and it appears 50 Cent was part of the violent mob.

The clip shows 50 in the parking lot with his crew -- and out of nowhere, a massive brawl breaks out ... with rapper Gunplay on the receiving end of a ferocious attack.

Gunplay weathered the initial onslaught and managed to fight back, even though he was largely outnumbered.

It's hard to see in the shaky footage if 50 threw a punch -- or got involved at all -- but someone can be heard on camera saying, "That was 50 fighting too!" Gunplay called in to TMZ Live Monday, saying 50 Cent was involved in the action ... but was "hiding behind security."

We reached out to 50 for comment, so far no word back -- but G-Unit rapper Mike Knox (who appears in the clip) said in a radio interview this morning, "The only thing I can tell you is [Gunplay] was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he was acting a certain kinda way that he shouldn't have been actin' ... So, he got dealt with ... He got his ass kicked."

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No Avatar


what the **** is wrong with these people! yeah ***** yeah! im ****ing disgusted.

751 days ago


Black people. Striving to enrich America one day at a time.

751 days ago


This is why the n*iggers have their own awards show. The general population does not want to be anywhere near these ghetto thugs.

751 days ago


These are nothing but UNCIVILIZED, LOW LIFE, UNEDUCATED ANIMALS!!!! I can't believe how many people celebrate these GHETTO FOOLS who contribute NOTHING to society except BAD ENGLISH, ****TY music and their CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR! They're so INCREDIBLY STUPID, LOW CLASS and EMBARRASING! TRA*****RASH! TRASH! Literally the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR of our society!

751 days ago


Put together ALL the black rapper crappers that have been arrested on your site. One after another. These people have come from the slums and hit big money. they don't know how to deal with it plus they still have the ghetto mentality. Lock 'em up. Their music is crap as rap too.

751 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

BOYS, BOYS, PLEASE...IT'S AN AWARDS SHOW!!!! Don't ya just love that famous Hip Hop catch phrase, "YAYYYYYYUH....YAYYYYYYUH"! Mongrels.

751 days ago


What a bunch of worthless turds, and they're never held accountable for acting like trash.

751 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

You can take the boys out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of the boys--same goes for taking trash out of the trailer. Money doesn't buy class.

751 days ago


see this is why you shouldnt let nigs out of their cages heck look at mariah and mainaja what ever

751 days ago


That kat said it perfect ,when you RICH you shouldn't be getting your hands dirty , and worse at risk of getting put behind bars for crap like this. plus he is OVER 35 yrs old .

At times 50 confuses me , One minute he comes across in interviews all rational and on a HIGH level like he GETS it, Then goes off and does this.

751 days ago


They all love Violence, they all should be LOCKED UP!...............

751 days ago


How can anyone wonder why racism exists in America?

750 days ago

king ant    

He was there to pay tribute to a close friend of his is what people don't understand. He wasn't there for negativity. How would you feel if you just lost someone close to you and someone started to talk bad about you? No one man on this earth can say that they are perfect no matter what color or race they are. Stop being ignorant.

750 days ago


Well, all those brothers on 1 brother didn't keep him down bc Gunplay got right up & go into someone's behind. Seem like there was a lot of air thrown althought GP has made statements they got him but obvious not that bad. What does that say about 50's boys??????? All that hanging with Merryweither isn't doing a damn thing oh I forgot that 50's main boy, that's a 1 on 1

750 days ago


All Rappers are worthless no talent losers!!!! Why do we waste our time on these wasted pieces of protoplasm???

750 days ago
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