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Nicki Minaj

Mariah Called Me a Bitch

10/3/2012 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1002_full_fight_video_nicki_minaj_mariah_carey_launchMariah Carey fired the first shots in her "American Idol" war with Nicki Minaj ... calling the rapper a "bitch" multiple times ... this according to sources close to Minaj.  

According to our sources, Nicki is adamant ... in the moments before the TMZ video begins, Mariah repeatedly berated her ... until Nicki finally had enough and exploded.

We're told ... Nicki feels Mariah has been wasting everyone's time by constantly praising herself instead of focusing her energy on critiquing the contestants.

One source tells us, "She keeps bringing up how many records she's sold, name dropping people she's worked with, how many tours she's done, and how many Grammys or awards she's won ... Nicki is tired of it."


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Who gives a S^&& about these 2 whiny broads? Anyone? They both are fecal matter.

718 days ago


FOX should have donated their checks to charity what a waste of ****ing time and money. I havent watch AI since they put J.Lo as a judge. Fox has been rolling downhill since the original judges left the show.

718 days ago


I love it when ghetto ass bitches fight! So entertaining.

718 days ago


Mariah is a legend Nicki is new to the game RESPECT your elders BITCH....

718 days ago


TMZ needs to change its name. Based on the majority of the stories, how about BPBB?

Black People Behaving Badly.

718 days ago


It doesn't really matter what mariah said. Its how nicki reacted. She acted like a little girl with a big tantrum and she's 29. Nicki has lied before and she's lying now. I highly doubt mariah called her a bitch because if she did the producers would have definitely said something to mariah. Nicki should not even be a judge in the first place considering the fact she has absolutely NO talent. Nicki pushed SO hard to be an AI judge to get her ratings up because they are pretty ****ty right now. Mariah has every right to be proud of what she has accomplished...if you ask me, nicki was intimidated and jelous and snapped at the first thing mariah said. #teammariah all the way

718 days ago


poor mr. urban! he has to be rethinkin his decision to be on this wacky panel. let's play nice ladies.

718 days ago

Loretta Love    

...cant we all just get along~ lol

718 days ago


This is obviously a staged "brawl" in order to get people interested in watching this tired and irrelevant show, which has nothing to do with actual talent or music. American Idol is all about marketing. As for Nicki Minaj, there is no career longevity for her. She is another of a long list of flash-in-the-pan "artists" who eventually fade away as quickly as they appeared. Minaj is considered "hot" right now, so that is why Idol selected her to be a judge on their sad show. It's just a matter of time before her 15 minutes are up and she joins the likes of Coolio, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and dozens of other rap "artists."

718 days ago


I guess this means Nicki Minaj isn't one of Mariah Carey's lambs.

718 days ago


Honestly, NOONE WATCHES AMERICAN IDOL ANYMORE. Seriously. They cant even keep the Judges!! Its all about the X FACTOR now! American Idol it was a good run, but its now time to lay it to rest.

718 days ago


Wow so now Idol has slipped to the standards of those other great female role model reality shows, like Jersey Shore, Big Brother, Bachelorette, The Kardashions, I cant wait till the two has been divas start punching each other out and peeing in a sink. I mean does anyone care about the singing anymore.

718 days ago


lets be real here! yes mariah is a legend, and yes she has done more than nicki will ever do. But it does not excuse the fact that Mariah can go and treat people anyway she feels because she's "Mariah Carey". IDGAF if it was Obama nobody is going to talk to me any kind of way and think its ok. You dont get respect if you dont give it!

718 days ago


What did they expect? Even us "outsiders" know how Carey lives her life like a privileged princess diva, and I image for the "insiders" like those that produce the show, they know how she can really be, so why is this surprising? Minaj is a multi-color wannabe gangster rapper, and Carey is a half-billion dollar princess. No way in hell is going to work long term.

718 days ago

Sara Sells Sea Shells    

I couldn't tell you one song Nicki Minaj sings.

718 days ago
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