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Jim Lehrer

I Felt Kinda Disrespected

10/4/2012 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jim Lehrer made it clear to TMZ ... he's well aware he was treated like a doormat by President Obama and Mitt Romney during Wednesday's Presidential debate.

Our camera guy asked Lehrer at Reagan National Airport, "Do you feel you were disrespected by President Obama and Governor Romney?"

Lehrer responded, "I didn't expect much. I didn't have a lot of expectations." Translation -- doormat.

And, of course, we also asked him about the demise of Big Bird.

BTW, Lehrer issued a statement saying part of his mission was to stay out of the way of the flow.  Mission accomplished.


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Lets be honest here, it wasn't President Obama that was disrespectful last night it was Mitt Romney. He lied so many times I couldn't keep up and continued to cut both Jim and Obama off. Jim was a horrible moderator and he let himself get steamrolled I'm sure when Romney wins he will make good on his word and fire him right along with Big Bird hahaha. Romney won that debate last night and the president allowed it to happen. If he doesn't do better next time he will lose the election come November 6.

749 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

He didn't say he felt disrespected. It is unethical and lacks integrity to say otherwise. TMZ needs to have SOME ethics.

749 days ago


He sucked....Romney sucked ....and Obama sucked...
Snookie for Prez 2012...

749 days ago


I thought that Jim lost control of the debate early on and never regained it. He's a mean SOB though. It's time to replace him with someone else. He's done 12 presidential debates and his age is getting to him, IMO. He seemed ticked off and befuddled as to what to do.

749 days ago


I watched Apollo 13 (again) on HBO. I'm willing to bet I enjoyed that a lot better than the rest of you enjoyed the debate. That was 2 hours in your life you'll never get matter who gets elected.

749 days ago


The moderator should of stayed with the format and turn off both Romney and Obama mikes when they talked over the time allow per question. Instead he acted like a pushover in allowing Romney to run the debate. Lehrer deserves to lose his job.

749 days ago


A hard lefty that gave Obama 5 extra minutes and tried to coach Obama with his answers felt "disrespected?" Romney didn't let those two run over him and showed strength and leadership.

749 days ago


They should give the moderator a button to cut off the mics of the speakers. If they continue to run over or try to talk over him hit the button to shut them up. They'll learn quickly.

749 days ago


He didn't say that TMZ.

749 days ago

Leave It Alone    

He never said he felt disrespected. Another useless "artical" from TMZ.

749 days ago


This moderator Jim (whatever his name is) totally sucked last nite. Romney constantly ran the show, and that's not to say I like Romney, because I can't stand the guy. They really should have had someone younger as a moderator. sorry, but that's my opinion.

749 days ago


Don't worry Jim. It wasn't your fault, it was the altitude. - Al Gore

749 days ago


He moderated NOTHING. What a joke. The moderator should control the flow and time limits. As soon as he got shouted down by either candidate, he backed down. Put somebody in that position that can actually run the show, and call them out when they got off topic and out of time!

749 days ago


I'm sure SNL is working on a skit right now

749 days ago


I agree, but ;Pres. Obama was respectful. Romney kept cutting the moderator AND Pres. Obama off, and refusing to listen to the moderator when he told him they are moving on.

Romney was aggressive and rude.
Pres. Obama laid down the facts and let them speak. He never cut the speaker off.

749 days ago
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