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Snoop Dogg Posts

Anti-Romney Top 10 List

'He's a White N**ga'

10/5/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Snoop Dogg reposted a "Why I'm Not Voting for Romney" list on his Instagram page ... which is totally blowing up ... and it includes reasons like, "He's a white n**ga" ... and "He's a ho."

The list -- originally created by @DragonflyJonez and was reposted by Snoop yesterday -- includes:

-- "He is a white n**ga."
-- "He looks like he says 'n**ga' all the time"
-- "He always interrupts and talks over people like he's better than them. Bitch, I will beat the sh*t out of you."
-- "He's a Mormon but he ain't got no hoes."

The post also includes the top 10 reasons to vote for Obama ... including the fact that Michelle has a "fat ass."

Check out the entire list below:



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Ha! What is he like 10? That is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen a celeb post. Obama looks like he can fight? I'm pretty sure I could kick Obama's scrawny ass. Hilarious.

717 days ago


Unbelieveable. Perfect example of what is wrong with this country. I'm shocked and appauled. We have a God and I pray he uses this foul mouthed just nasty person as an example of what can happen when you act like this.

717 days ago

Throwback kid    

Has Snoop ever seen Obama talk to a black crowd? Obama gets all ghetto with his accent, then when he goes to Clooney's house to hustle the liberals in Hollywwod for money he talks like a white man again. Unemployment for black American's is at a 30 year high? Isn't Snoop upset about that? Instead of shooting baskets with Kobe and hanging out with Jay Z and Beyonce, wouldn't it be better if Obama was out there creating jobs to put people back to work? Oh yea, that's right, Obama doesn't know how to create jobs, he also doesn't understand anything about economics, I found that out when I saw Obama get schooled by Romney

717 days ago


He must be the proud new owner of an Obama phone, food stamps and section 8 housing...this guy makes Mr. Potato Head look like Steven Hawkings.

717 days ago


His time would have been better spent trying to bend over and kiss his own azz goodbye.

717 days ago

Oh Yeah !    

I didn't know Snoop Dog could write !

717 days ago


i thought he was smarter then that ;/ guess he doesn't realize of them 2 Romney would be the one to throw the whole war on drugs bs out the door,not because Romney ok with drugs, hes not but that war on drugs cost to dam much to sustain it

717 days ago


Unbelieveable and disgusting. Want to know what is wrong with this is your example.

717 days ago


i liked liked snoop till then lame as hell what a waste

717 days ago


You are such a fool dude - rapping about being young & wild & free & you're like 43 years old. You are a has been. The current Federal Administration has been on a campaign to close all of the pot dispensiaries in California you moron - maybe if you weren't so high all the time, you'd have a clue what is going on in the world. By the way, your show in Sacramento,CA at a tiny ass venue wasn't even a sold out show. You are a racist pig & I have 0 respect for your opinion. RACIST.

717 days ago


its funny everyone calling snoop an idiot and a moron and about the education system in america.. but none of you idiots read the damn article that says a guy named DragonflyJonez wrote this list.. it has nothing to do with snoop he just posted it! so in the end you all are the idiots

717 days ago


Isn't calling Romney a "white n**ga" the same thing as calling him your white brother?

717 days ago


Not only is he an idiot, he's also a bigoted racist! Go back to smoking weed, Snoop. That's all you're good for, you tired, old, has-been!!!

717 days ago


This is just Another good reason to vote for Romney.

717 days ago



717 days ago
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