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Snoop Dogg Posts

Anti-Romney Top 10 List

'He's a White N**ga'

10/5/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Snoop Dogg reposted a "Why I'm Not Voting for Romney" list on his Instagram page ... which is totally blowing up ... and it includes reasons like, "He's a white n**ga" ... and "He's a ho."

The list -- originally created by @DragonflyJonez and was reposted by Snoop yesterday -- includes:

-- "He is a white n**ga."
-- "He looks like he says 'n**ga' all the time"
-- "He always interrupts and talks over people like he's better than them. Bitch, I will beat the sh*t out of you."
-- "He's a Mormon but he ain't got no hoes."

The post also includes the top 10 reasons to vote for Obama ... including the fact that Michelle has a "fat ass."

Check out the entire list below:



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Lily Daisy    

I was shocked that our beloved Snoop Dog wrote such hateful dribble. Looks like racism is alive and well in America. Note to Snoop and all others who think this election is about race: this election is about electing the man who can best bring America back to its thriving self, while honoring the Constitution. I'm a European American who voted for Mr. Obama in the last election, but will not be voting for him this time.

747 days ago

professor scrooge    

Wow... very serious comments from TMZ users - guys, this is an ENTERTAINMENT SITE, not the DRUDGE REPORT... geeeezzzz :-/

747 days ago


Wait, let's not blame Snoop here. That list could have been written by 80% of black voters.

747 days ago


This is shocking talk and proof positive that racism is alive and abundant in America, I'm sorry to see. Note to snoop and anyone else with his mindset: The presidential race is NOT about black vs white, it's about how we see America recovering and thriving, and which candidate we believe can best promote that while honoring our grat Constitution! P.S. I'm European American and I voted for Mr. Obama in the last election, but not this time.

747 days ago


wow the racism in his post..just because he's african american doesn't make it a-ok to call anybody the N word..if someone who was not african american called Obama that..there'd be hell to pay!!!

747 days ago


It's a shame that he actually gets the privilege to vote

747 days ago


Lol, thats funny..... And Snoop didnt write this he just re-posted. Im gonna share i think its funny everyone needs to lighten up its meant to just be funny

747 days ago


Just confirmed what I had long suspected.....I know he isn't the only person voting for Obama for the same reasons on his list.
Unfortunately, there are so many of these folks in this country who think this way, thus the reason Obama is in office and even more unfortunate that he will remain. All of the people who something for nothing vote for Obama.

747 days ago


what an idiot!

747 days ago


i cant believe someone with so much money couldn't buy himself some class. he is such a nuisance, please dont judge all black people from this dumbass. there are some dark colored folks with some class and brains ....such ignorance ...smh

747 days ago


Can this man vote even with all his Drug chages he has had?

747 days ago

Shamiek Ali    

i agree 100% with #'s 2, 6, & 10

747 days ago


I'm going to vote for a president because he smokes Newports, and uses the same nail clippers as me. Look how smart I am. Dude, you need to lay up on the chronic for a while and clear your head out. You'll find it refreshing, trust me, I know. I could of smoked you under a table back in the day you would be begging no mas.

747 days ago


Omg this is to much

747 days ago


You people obviously don't read. Someone else wrote that (I don't think Snoops handwriting would look like that anyway!) and posted it on Instagram, he just reposted it, obviously thinking it was funny or true, or both! Get a life people. And besides, do any of you think Snoop Dogg gives a rats ass what you think? I'm going with no.

747 days ago
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