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Big Bird Blasts Obama



10/9/2012 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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This article is brought to you by the letter P ... as in Sesame Street is PISSED that Barack Obama used Big Bird in an anti-Romney attack ad without permission!

In case you haven't seen it ... Team Obama released the ad following the debate, in which they mock Mitt Romney's vow to cut off government funding to PBS. The ad portrays Big Bird as an enemy of America who towered over criminals like Bernie Madoff and Ken Lay.

But Big Bird isn't laughing ... and neither is Ernie, Bert, Oscar or Elmo (and that dude laughs at EVERYTHING) ... claiming Team Obama never asked for permission before using the Sesame Street character.

In fact, Sesame Workshop released a statement saying, "We have approved no campaign ads, and as is our general practice, have requested that the ad be taken down."

SW also explains, "Sesame Workshop is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization and we do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns."

Obama's camp says they have heard Sesame Street's complaints and will be reviewing SS's concerns.


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paul a.    

Between this and the Nickolodeon event, Obama has shown incredible immaturity. He thinks his celebrity/coolness factor will get him re-elected. I hope it won't. He doesn't deserve it.....

753 days ago


lmao!! that ad is hysterical!
Also shows how desperate Obama is, he's using the Big Bird comment instead of his "plan". Maybe because there is no plan.
He blew that debate bad and he knows it.

753 days ago


The ad was lame anyway, the only thing they could get on Romney after he destroyed Obama in that debate.

753 days ago


Obama is wasting time money and energy picking on a big puppet. Even though he is teh President he is an A$$ HOLE

753 days ago


Hey they should be mad on the person who brought it up. Plus, he didn't get it correct on how PPS is funded. No term president, he can't get his facts straight.

753 days ago


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753 days ago


IFmitt really gave a smit he would adress those STEROID deaths from unregulated PILL MILLS and states who acn`t or won`t enforce common drugs laws.The fed needs to takeover the steroid abuse in this country before there are no heathly non dope addicted people left to defend.We are being opressed by the 1% pushing dope on us in these unregulated STEROID mills in fungis filled back room labs

753 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Politicians think they're entitled to steal ****.

753 days ago


SHUT down the STEROID heads before the gyms and streets are full of homless medical addicted burnouts.Death form steroids could be anything not just meningitis related.There is NO OUTBREAK there is BAD STEROIDS everyFN where just as predicted from the onset

753 days ago


BAN STEROIDS across the board unless fed regulated and in a medical doctors care for a real medical related problem like for only the aged.the states are`nt defending the public from the medical companys who run the networks and press cores pay checks and mouths

753 days ago


PBS will do just fine without federal funding . . . they borrow 40 cents of every dollar they spend! Just because you don't want taxpayers contribute to PBS or abortionists doesn't mean you hate kids or women. Grow up or there won't be any resources for anyone!

753 days ago


The Obama campaign believes people are stupid enough to think Romney is going after Big Bird and PBS only. They KNOW what he meant. But they hype it - and what does that say about what they think of the people they are trying to reach with that ad? They think you are idiots!

753 days ago


I'm voting against Obama, but this is ticky tack. I say use it and screw PBS! You take federal money, then you belong to all of us!

753 days ago


Who doesn't know that PBS is nonpartisan? Apparently the OBAMA camp. Ridiculous ad, also. Who's the genius that came up with that one? Can you spell DESPERATE, good, I knew you could.....

753 days ago


I say leave it just the way it IS. Getting rid of PBS is getting rid of the biggest star on PBS, Big Bird! I can't wait until we send this Romney packing and can officially scrape him off. 17 out of 24 of his advisors are from the BUSH ADMIN I don't want the Republicans to come back and destroy us for good. They'd left us with so much damage I feel Americans being that stupid.

753 days ago
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