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Kim K & Kanye West

The Ass Grab Cover-Up!

10/9/2012 7:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West grabbing eachothers' badonkadonks
While underneath a huge umbrella, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West stayed dry during a Miami downpour on Monday ... and grabbed each others' badonkadonks.

Kim was prepared for the showers by wearing her ginormous rain shades, a practical leather mini-skirt and waterproof open toed heels.

Kim and Kanye really know how to weather a storm.


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Someone's got a smelly finger.

742 days ago



742 days ago


And then the piss whore smelled her fingers and went ahhhhhhhh...thats what i like ...a blackmans smelly azz........and this one is nasty! Now shes a piss and feces whore!

742 days ago


What a ****ing hooker.....looks like chris's gold mine wasnt big enough....but kanye's was big enough for ya till the next dope that falls for you comes along....serious KANYE RUNNNNNNN frankly id strap my ass to rocket to get away from her she and her family (except kris) are all BAD NEWS

742 days ago


I'm wondering what exactly went on in that K-Trash family while the kids were growing up? The girls are all so damaged. Kourtney ends with with a mega douche like Scott and Kim is now with the King of the Black Douchbags: Kayne West. What mother would be happy that her daughters have chosen such POS for partners and what woman with an ounce of self respect would want to be with any one of those men?

Kayne's father redeemed himself today, but he was once an angry Blank Panther. For those too young to remember the Black Panthers, they promoted violence and frequently shot it out with the police. No wonder Kayne seems so angry and walks around with a chip on his shoulder.

Great job of raising those kids Kris.

742 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Just another photo op for his media whoring b!tch check out the camera guy behind them, worse still look at her enormous fat ass jesus H it has its own neighbourhood

742 days ago


What the hell is that on her face?

742 days ago


Just a pimp walking his whore

742 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Uh, he's BARELY shielding her from the rain with the umbrella. He mainly has it over HIMSELF. The post of the umbrella should be BETWEEN them! Duh!

742 days ago


Fug @ss is trying anything to make it look like she is so happy with her douche bag since Reggie is coming out with his news and is VERY happy. Very happy to have not ended up with a selfish wh0re. I am so happy for him, as for these too idiots, I laugh so much at how much she tries to get attention and even more so that she actually think she looks good. Kmz is such a fail. makes me want to stop coming here and stick to radar.

742 days ago


She look like a clown in those glasses. He has got her looking like trash, what is up with her hair!

742 days ago


Anything to look "odd." It's a game they play- to further con the public.

742 days ago


macho man called from beyond the grave, he wants his glasses back

742 days ago


Well if anyone wondered who is the byotch in this relationship - it's not Kim. Half of her hand is in Kannie's ass, and they are both so gross.

742 days ago


I know they are fun to hate on & make fun of, but at the end of the day, I honestly don't see any other guy willing to be seen with her in public except him (bc of her bad reputation) Kanye's rep is not so good either, he's known as an arrogant a-hole.
The girl is very thirsty! Extremely!

742 days ago
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