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Dina Lohan

4 Glasses of Wine

Before Fight with Lindsay

10/10/2012 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan had been boozing heavily ... on an empty stomach ... before her nuclear blowout with Lindsay last night ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Lindsay and Dina were clubbing in NYC before they got into a screaming match in a limo.

But while they were partying, we're told Dina was constantly sipping on wine ... and by the time they were ready to leave, she had been through at least 4 glasses and was so trashed she could barely speak.

One source tells us Dina hadn't had anything to eat that night ... which couldn't have helped the situation.

As we previously reported, Lindsay claimed Dina got physical during the argument ... and cops were eventually called to Dina's home.

The two were seen hugging it out this morning -- but we're told Dina has yet to apologize for her actions.


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Grandma Cracker    

Red Cloud is on the other thread! LOL

742 days ago


Dinalohan@ Dinalohan
@Lindsaylohan You're just a little bundle of b!tch today, aren't you?

742 days ago


From tomorrow's Daily News story:

Lindsay has gotten so used to seeing uniformed people show up that she’s like a member of the Village People. In case there’s no one around you to tell you, the frequent presence of police in your life is a big fat hint that you’re doing something wrong.

It’s definitely not classy, like the woman you portray in “Liz & Dick.” Elizabeth Taylor personally gave $50 million to fight AIDS.

No, Lindsay, at 26, you, sadly, are much more reminiscent of Anna Nicole Smith.

742 days ago


If Apple were to ever make a car..... would it have Windows?

742 days ago


BTW FU, that ADELLIE or whatever the hell the name was thinks you are the "butch" one in the relationship with NIKKI. I said you have always been manly around me, FFS. I couldn't stop laughing. Glad you are so "butch". LOL

742 days ago



742 days ago


count down to when she screws up in LA..she is hated from Coast to coast..

742 days ago


So the 'ginseng' party is tomorrow? Any bets on whether she'll bother to attend?

742 days ago


Her death certificate is going to read "Death due to too much Mr. Pink". The name alone would make me not try it, but her as part of the "crew" for it? Forget it. Off to play my games. Have fun kids. Oh yeah, don't tell Buffoon he's on the wrong thread, he thinks its another poll. I'd just let him spin...

741 days ago


Nonstop Twitter feed---DUIna must be lovin' the attention:

fullspeedlohan ‏@fullspeedlohan
I'm going to bring back the phrase "listen Dina Lohan" when dealing with maniacs
laire ‏@laire
And why doesn't Dina Lohan have a reality show? Eff, watching the Kardashians shop for clothes...I want to see Dina shop for coke!
News Report ‏@Finance_Biz
Lindsay Lohan — HUGS IT OUT with Dina: What's a night of cocaine allegations, violence and insults between famil...

741 days ago


4 glasses of wine and TMZ classifies that as Dina Lohan had been boozing heavily ?

Really....C'mon TMZ!

741 days ago


There comes a time in your life when you have to cut out the cancer in your life. I am not a fan of LL, but enough is enough.

Lindsay's mother is toxic. She does not know how to be a mother. She is selfish. She appears to be jealous of LL fame (once upon a time) and money. You go to lunch with your daughter, not the clubs.

This is really a sad situation. I wonder how her other children feel about her...and how she treats them. She tried for a short time to pimp out the teen daughter in a reality show that ended up being about Dina.

741 days ago


Just finished watching the Lohan portion of todays show. You just have to feel sorry for Linds? No I don't. At age 26 she can say the word NO, she says it when talking to the police, etc. Easy word. Don't feel sorry for any of them except maybe Hobie, but him only because he's such a great PRO-surfer and all. Mike Walters needs to remove his head from his arse, lack of oxygen is REALLY making him stupider. They are putting the blame all on DUIna. BULLSH!T. The addict knows she shouldn't be partying, its on Linds AND DUIna. I don't believe in death pools, but damned if I am not considering joining one. FFS.

741 days ago


Who goes out clubbing with their mother?

741 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    

Mother daughter bonding!

741 days ago
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