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Dr. Conrad Murray

Jail Is


10/10/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray says his body is in worse shape than one of those zombies from the Michael Jackson 'Thriller' video ... claiming he's suffered serious injuries behind bars ... and he wants out.

TMZ has obtained a recording of a jailhouse phone call between Murray and a friend ... in which the Doc says he was rushed to USC Medical Center earlier this week after fearing he was suffering from deadly blood clots in his legs.

"It progressed until the leg felt numb ... it was painful all to the top of my foot ... around the medial aspect of my ankle and all the way to the mid-calf."

Murray -- who was a licensed doctor before he killed Michael Jackson -- explained, "Blood clots are relatively risky ... especially if they propagate from the legs into the lungs to cause pulmonary embolism which can result in permanent disability or even death."

Ultimately, doctors who are currently licensed determined there were no blood clots and returned Murray to his cell ... where he says he continues to suffer.

"I have had to lay in bed for most of the day because there is no way to elevate my feet. One of the recommendations by the doctor is to keep my legs elevated and to increase my activity which is impossible in a 5x7 cell."

During the call, Murray gripes that his feet have become so swollen, "I may never be able to wear a boot again." So much for line-dancing after his release ...

Murray then issues a veiled threat -- "I don't want to be permanently hurt by any condition in here ... because if I am, I will not let it rest."

He also complains about pain in his right shoulder ... and as we previously reported, he came down with a ferocious case of diarrhea earlier this year.

His lawyer has even sent a letter to the L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca, asking the jail for more humane treatment -- comparing Murray's situation to a dog in a small cage.

Jail -- it ain't the Hilton.


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L F    

Bubba done wore him out!

745 days ago

cry baby    

OMG!!!! this is too funny!!! Really? worried about wearing a boot?


Birds of same feathers...........

While Dr. Murray is worrying about wearing boots,

MJ was worrying about wearing wigs, thus he tattooed his hair line........

Which is more funny?

745 days ago


If Murray's 5x7' cell isn't suitable, perhaps he'd like to trade places with MJ's accommodations. I hear it's to die for.

745 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

I agree this guy is a corrupt fool and sorry excuse for a doctor.

What kind of idiot would accept treatment from him?

What kind of idiot would allow him into his house and ask for surgical anesthesia every night for weeks?

Only a selfish person with no thought but satisfying their own addictions would allow such "treatments" in their own home, where kids are present. Don't you think?

Surely the person demanding such "treatment" has never been in surgery before. Perhaps they are completely incompetent in making decisions about their own well being. Don't act as if MJ didn't know what was going on or the dangers involved. If this was a one time thing perhaps but it went on and on.

There's a reason these "treatments" were given in MJ's home. No hospital or clinic would allow it. MJ found someone corrupt enough to give him what he wanted.

745 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Wow! Is it just a strange coincidence how all the rabid MJ supporters are obsessed with homosexual rape?

Well that and murder....
If you believe the fairytale idealism you repeat from the official MJ approved propaganda, wouldn't that make you all hypocrites (again)?

Really, what would your hero think?

745 days ago


"before he killed michael jackson" really? really? michael jackson killed himself. sure this man didnt make good decsions by making stuff available to him but mj would have gotten his sh!t elsewhere anyway. so sad he is still in jail cause people wanted "justice." he was a freak that killed himself - get over it.

745 days ago



745 days ago


As David Walgren said throughout the trial..."Poor Conrad Murray"

745 days ago


"jail is killing me"...huh ! If only ! He's a killer, what does he expect? A suite in the Plaza Hotel? I've no sympathy. He did all this to himself.

744 days ago


...and we're supposed to feel sorry for him? He's a killer. Give him some Propofol, that'll keep him quiet.

744 days ago


Whether or not you like MJ, whether or not you like Dr DEath, doesn't alter THE FACTS and they are 1)he killed his patient 2) he has NEVER shown any remorse 3) he sees himself as a VICTIM. 4) he is lucky not to have been charged with MURDER 5) he was guilty and HAS to face punishment 6)he will be a out of jail soon, writing a book, doing tv chat shows, making a fortune and never once has he said
sorry. He is a despicable person and not fit to be part of the human race.Anyway, I'm sure he's met some nice little friend in jail. These showers can be just the place to make new friends ! He'll walk out of jail soon. His patient will still be dead and Dr Death killed him.

744 days ago


His lawyer has even sent a letter to the L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca, asking the jail for more humane treatment -

He wants humane treatment but killed Michael?

743 days ago


Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? He is a killer, he is a criminal, he is in jail. It's not supposed to be a nice comfortable suite of rooms all in plush velvet. It's NOT Downton Abbey Connie: it's jail. Shouldn't have killed someone then should you?

742 days ago


Murray's azz really is funny..what's so sad is Michael didn't have to die...Michael never knew what happened to him.. its ironic that Murray's first lawyers dropped the case..So how many lawyers do U need to show ur innocent ... of course he wants blab! He wanted to blab about his patients condition ...and y'all think this bitch cared !! Hello! He's Still a Greedy $$$$' grubbing bastard! If Michael tattooed his azz that's his business ! and wore wigs! Still love him ..y'all don't **** about them known ***s singing and tatooted .. And screwing each other!! And do drugs! Y'all love them.. Michael was neither.. Murray's a real loathing lying azz.. s*** of the earth!

676 days ago
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