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Sheriff's Dept. to Dr. Murray


You Get What You Deserve

10/11/2012 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. Sheriff's Dept. is pooh-poohing a letter it received from Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyer, saying claims that Murray is being treated inhumanely are just plain false.

Murray's lawyers, J. Michael Flanagan and Valerie Wass, fired off the letter, obtained by TMZ, in which he claims the 5' by 7' cell in which Murray has been confined is so small -- given his 6'5" height -- that he may have developed permanent and uncorrectable blood circulation issues that could lead to a fatal embolism. 

Flanagan and Wass go even further, saying, "Dr. Murray's cell is proportional to that of a travel cage used for short term transportation of an animal.  If one were to keep a dog in a space just a few inches larger than the dog's length, for any extended period of time, contentions of animal cruelty possibly leading to prosecution would likely result."

But the Sheriff's Dept. tells TMZ, "Mr. Murray is receiving the appropriate level of care and we are taking into consideration his medical concerns and working with him."

And there's this ... Murray's lawyers note their client may not need to be in isolation any longer, because he looks shockingly different from his famous booking photo.



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really! really?    

Connie has no income and since he lost his M.D. license, there's no potential income after he is released. All of these formal complaints are an attempt to build a lawsuit to sue for damages.

742 days ago

mj fan forever    

This disgusting murderer sociopath mentally disturbed still has the money to continue to pay for his team of losers even if he claims to be broke, and files appeals which continue to be denied!!!! The Sheriff should actually give the murderer a more harsh treatment, they should extend his permanence to the jail as his punishment is already too brief, he should have had the death penalty!!!!! The right punishment for a disgusting murderer with no scruples and no respect for human life!!!! The disgusting murderer is finally rotting in jail as he does deserve before rotting in hell!!! Justice for Michael Jackson!!!!

742 days ago


Boo Hoo - Bad enough taxpayers have to feed and house his azz period. Now we are supposed to make him comfy to boot. He should have thought about that before he popped MJ pills like m&ms!! Lousy lawyer probably billed his crooked azz $1000 for that dumb letter. Give it to Doc when he runs out of toilet paper.

742 days ago


Conrad Murry killed Micheal Jackson at the trial they had all kinds of DR.s and Paramedics on the stand and when asked '' Would you ever and have you ever gave propfol any one out side of a hospital '' and All Of Them Said NO.

Conrad Murray you killed the biggest pop star in the world it might have been an accident but you killed him at HIS HOUSE Jackson needed the proper medical equipment and a proper hospital staff

But with you and your B U L L S H I T lies '' I told The Trooth really you did not tell the truth all you did was BLAME Jackson but your the one feeding him the drugs to go to bed and what ever else you gave him.

So sit in prison and quit your bitching and be a man and own up to what you did.

742 days ago


Well, Michael Jackson also has permanent and uncorrectable blood circulation issues, because he's DEAD. He's DEAD because of the treatment he received by a guy who is now confined to a 5X7 cell. The guy in the 5X7 cell has less to complain about than Michael Jackson who is still DEAD. So here, shove three suppositories up you butt and check in with us tomorrow morning.

742 days ago

mj fan forever    

And if the disgusting murderer would want to sue the Sheriff's Dept he would lose as his whining is well-known and it is well-known that he and his team of losers are trying to create some sort of absurd "case" that obviously has already been proven as a fake many times, trying to get out of jail where he is finally rotting before rotting in hell!!!!

742 days ago


Duilama - Why, why, why???

Why didn't MJ or the Jacksons sue Vanity Fair for the Maurreen Oarth reports and molestation stories on MJ????

Because they are the truth???
You are such an idiot! Just because he didn't sue Vanity Fair it makes their stories true? Mike Taibbi disproved Orth's ridiculous story in the media.

It would be so great if you would merge a couple of brain cells together and form an opinion that involved some independent thinking on your part. I'm not sure if you are capable though. Sad for you!

742 days ago



742 days ago



So are you not disputing that pedophiles like MJ should be burning in hell forever???

Everything reported was truth, including the spotted dick of MJ's.

If you are really a loyal fan, you should be happy that MJ once found his soul mate with Jordie, or at least that's what he thought!

If rabids had a brain!

Please prove you have a brain - oh can't!

742 days ago


Can he stand up in his cell without hitting his head on the ceiling? Yes? Then it's just the right size. What size cell is MJ in right now?

742 days ago


Duilama - I know most people ignore you and your many alter ego ignorant rants, but I just felt the need to point out that you are in fact an idiot.

742 days ago

all about the money    

If he wants to QQ about LA jail's and how he's treated...transfer him to Maricopa County, Arizona and see what he thinks of LA. Ole Joe Arpaio will issue him his pink coverall's and flip flops along with a month old baloney sandwich and send him to his tent with 30 other inmates to reconsider his treatment in LA.

742 days ago


What a joke he is, what does he think he is at the Hilton... get real. what to you think jail/prison is a vacation restort....

742 days ago


It's like the prosecutor said...Michael Jackson is dead and all we have to hear about is poor Conrad Murray.

742 days ago
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