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La Toya Jackson

I Didn't LOOT MJ's House

Threatens Lawsuit

10/11/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya Jackson insists ... she did not raid Michael Jackson's home just hours after his death, pillaging plastic bags filled with cash -- and now, she's threatening to sue a major magazine for saying otherwise.

La Toya has fired off a cease-and-desist letter to Vanity Fair, claiming its recent article entitled "Estate of Siege" is "replete with misstatements of fact, false innuendos, and defamatory insinuations."

According to La Toya's letter, the article falsely claims she showed up at MJ's Carolwood mansion shortly after his death and loaded plastic bags filled with cash into a duffel bag. The VF article goes on to describe La Toya's bf leaving the home in a moving van.

La Toya claims the article describes her visit as a "mad scramble for money" -- strongly insinuating she stole large sums of cash from MJ's house.

According to La Toya ... the allegations are nothing but lies and she wants a full retraction asap.

If Vanity Fair doesn't oblige, La Toya says she'll sue.


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Of course, this article isn't accurate. She didn't leave MJ's estate with duffel bags full of cash; she left with TRASH bags full of cash. Duffel costs more.

651 days ago


LaToya, I read your book. Now you say all is not true. You ARE a liar. Vanity Fair, however, I have never doubted.

651 days ago


They all deserve each other

651 days ago


I'm just surprised that in addition the the bags of cash she looted, she didn't take some body parts off of MJ to auction off.

651 days ago


OK, sue them. I dare you (and follow through with it, no settlement...let the truth come out)!!

651 days ago


She has no proof that what they said is a lie. It is know she and her B/F were there and that he left in a moving van. Everyone says they will sue, but when they find out that by doing that other things may come out that no one knows yet they shut up and move along.

This family couldn't wait to grab anything they could from that house in fear it would be locked down as a crime scene and they wouldn't be able to get the undeclared cash that she and the family took

651 days ago

And thats the truth    

I think more people should sue the media and maybe, just maybe they will stop spreading lies. I was watching a show about Hollywood tragedies and I remember the media insinuating that both Brittany Murphy and Corey Haim had died of a drug overdose and neither one of them did.

651 days ago


Layota should sue if they are lying, get paid.

651 days ago


I believe it when someone said Murray was the fall guy. Latoya nor Joe has the capability to do anything difficult. Consider the ones who spirited Katherine away from her grandchildren, consider who held up Michael's funeral until she got the money back she paid for Michael's funeral.....Those Jackson siblings are getting away with.......oh well.

651 days ago


I don't blame her if she did. You almost have to to stop the stealing servants and other hanger ons. MJ was not surrounded by good people and if they wanted to perserve any of his things they would almost certainly have to. If the estate has not pursuded her for recovery then it means all that she would have took was accounted for by the estate was done to perserve assets not to steal them for personal gain.

651 days ago

mj fan forever    

She even complained in an interview that there was $2 million in Michael's house which was disappeared, it is well-known for a long time!!! Let alone the entire Jackson family who brought a van at Michael's house to take away the furnitures thinking they belonged to Michael and that later they had to return to the owner!!! She is nothing but a big LIAR and another money-grubber who now is playing the kind auntie to try to get Michael's money through this tactic, given that she already knew she cannot get it by going against Michael's will!!!!

651 days ago


She's a leech just like the rest of Michael's family.

651 days ago


Vanity Fair is not a great source for information about things Michael since their contributors are Michael-haters Diane Dimond and Maureen Orth. Vanity Fair only likes printing stories that are error-ridden tirades meant to portray Michael in the worst lights possible.
La Toya was at the house, but I have doubts about this claim. Michael used to keep money in a brown paper bag, which he hid behind the toilets according to other sources, and not in black plastic bags which would would make visible lumps under carpeting. I am not a fan of La Toya's, but I think that she is being accused of something that she did not do.
I am not very fond of Janet since she joined her greedy siblings on the claim that Michael's will is fraudulent; I have grown even less fond if this undereducated money-grubber since the kidnapping fiasco, but I do agree with her actions here. That story is ERROR-FILLED. Randall Sullivan repeats tabloid fiction about Michael's having a false nose. He errs in saying that Michael's natural hair was white---clearly, Sullivan NEVER read the AUTOPSY... and there are even more errors in that bad, cut-and-paste from the gutter tabloids job. The book, UNTOUCHABLE should not be published. Michael's estate should also go after Vanity Fair!
I am no fan of Janet's,nor of La Toya's, and actions should be taken against Sullivan and Vanity Fair.

651 days ago


Still a lying attention ho. This whole family will do & say anything for money. And that included Michael.

651 days ago
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