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Lindsay Lohan

She's Baaaack

at the Chateau Marmont

10/12/2012 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan at the the Chateau MarmontIt seems Lindsay Lohan has been UNBANNED from the Chateau Marmont ... 'cause she returned to the legendary L.A. hotel last night ... months after she was kicked out for stiffing the place on a $46k bill.

As TMZ first reported, Lohan got the heave-ho earlier this year after she ran up a crazy $46,350.04 tab on a 47 day bender that included 49 packs of cigarettes and more than $3k in minibar items.

LiLo had told friends the producers of her upcoming Lifetime movie, "Liz and Dick," had agreed to pay her bill ... but our sources say that was never the case.

It's unclear if the bill was ever resolved ... but it seems it's all water under the bridge ... 'cause last night she was allowed back on the premises without a problem.


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some guy    

There's a reason this pic only shows the back of her head.

707 days ago


Hosting a party for an energy drink!? LMAO! What’s next.... hosting on QVC?
I think it safe to say that the “window” of opportunity for a Liho comeback has shut!
Not only is it shut and sealed with crazy glue with a Do Not Enter sigh hangin’ , it is also nailed shut with barbed wire wrapped around it. Follow by iron bars with a layer of bricks and cement.
And for good measure....there is a moat ( fill that with E-turds) surrounding it!

707 days ago

Loretta Love    

you look like a 45 year old Long Island Hooker

707 days ago

R. Cortez    

She seems to have more money than her income would dictate. Is she selling Saudi Priince's a lil somethin' somethin' ? I wonder what she would charge and can imagine how disappointed the buyer would be.

707 days ago


Yup! Lindsay was telling the truth yesterday. She's clean and sober, doesn't party anymore. Doesn't go out and she's got her sh!t together..Righhhhhhhhhhhhtttt! Lindsay

707 days ago


LL Always Had Style!

707 days ago


She's got to pay off that 46,000 bill somehow. So managment has worked out a payment plan between them. It may take her awhile but managment has all the time in the world. Step right this way Lindsay, as the big fat balding dude shuts the door behind them....fade to black

707 days ago


Oh, big deal. Only because of Mr. Pink or whomever. So she goes to the bar, this time they will get their money up front. No more 46k unpaid bill intensionally stiffed on. Did she bring back their laptop?

Lohan has no place to go. So she will use anybody she can. Mommy is over 1 million in debt. House is going to be forclosed on. Lohan probally has enough of her own debt. No way was she ever going to be able to get an apartment in the city. She doesn't have the money despite what she claimes. Her money is more than likely well over exaggarated.

She's Hollywood poison. LA can't stand her and she did no better in NYC. She will have to be back for her court date.

C'mon, she stayed just as trashed in NYC just like in LA. So trashed she was not fit to work until scary moivie 5 was going to sue her butt for breach of contract. Sobered up quick. All of her BS will follow her wher ever she goes.

@nikki...she nailed it. the homeless hotel hooker.

What's next Lohan gets caught muleing drugs at hotel. Oh, but officer they aren't mine. She's pathetic.

707 days ago


Shoutout to Lindsay, for swallowing all those unborn Taliban babies last night

707 days ago


LindSick LowHand is looking Sexy But too bad she will Vote for MeaT RomNerd...

707 days ago


she paid the bill herself. I have no clue why but she actually thought it looked better to say Liz & Dick producers paid for it so it would sound like she got more perks because of her status.

707 days ago


Mr Pink paid her bill. So she is allowed back in for now. But by tonight after the drugs and booze flow and she gets into her regular and typical fight they will once more ban her until another rich john bails her out.

707 days ago


We all know how much Lying Lindsay lies, and how she does her fake photo ops.How many partys she crashes and how she has no shame to show up where she is not wanted.

My moneys riding on, she's trying to sneak in.
Calls the paps to do her photo op, so the public believes she paid off her tab there.
Lurking around looking for a dealer.
CM is known for dealers to hang out there.

The smurk on her face, she's trying to cover, says it all.
She's always up to no good. Girl is so Ghetto !!

707 days ago

Fifty Shades of WTF    

Lame. Stay the heck home.

707 days ago


So, she's not smart enough to hire a driver / personal assistant. Breaking news: it would be cheaper, Ding Dong.

Thank you Lindsay, for endorsing Romney. That might help President Obama.

707 days ago
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