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Michael Lohan


With Lindsay's Head

10/12/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan has played mind games on her daughter to cover her own misdeeds ... this according to Michael Lohan.

TMZ had Lindsay Lohan on TMZ Live Thursday for 18 minutes.  During the interview, in addition to saying she lied to Michael when she said Dina was using cocaine, she swore her dad was now dead to her.  Lindsay sounded enraged that Michael recorded their phone conversation -- which ended up on TMZ.

Michael is adamant ... Dina is pulling the strings, claiming, "This is just another manipulation by Dina to control Lindsay.  Dina is just using Lindsay to cover her tracks."

Michael thinks it's ridiculous Lindsay is now covering for Dina even claiming her mom was fine when she appeared on "Dr. Phil" and the good doc was "vile and disgusting," accusing him of manipulating and berating Dina during the interview.

Michael says, "Why is it that every time someone nails Dina doing something wrong, either on camera or on tape, they are always lying."

As for Lindsay's vow to never talk to Michael again, he says, "I know Lindsay loves me and I love her very much."


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Further evidence (as if we need more) that idiots, morons and POS should not be allowed to breed. Banish this whole f'g family to the arctic and feed them to the polar bears.

688 days ago


I was almost starting to feel sorry for Lindsay, after hearing the phone conversation with her dad. But after listening to her on the phone with TMZ, I reconfirmed my beliefs that this 26 YEAR OLD WOMAN, not child - she will be 30 in 4 years, is INCAPABLE of taking responsibility or telling the truth.

I think she lied about not drinking and partying with her mom. I think they are co-dependent users. What the hell is either one of them doing at a club at 4am in NYC if not partying? I think that she and her mother party regularly, and her mother gets money from LL on the regular. And NO Lindsay, mothers and daughters don't NORMALLY get into drunken physical fights in limosines coming home from NYC clubs at 4am!

The only reason LL is so pissed off about this is because she doesn't want the world KNOWING, instead of just suspecting, that their family is this disfunctional, and that could cost her jobs. But then again, her family wasn't with her when she stole a necklace, kidnapped 3 guys, got arrested for 2 DUI's and posession of coke.....etc...

So, no, I'm not going to blame the family for any more of LL's misdeeds or troubles. And, btw, she's throwing her dad under the bus as much as she thinks he's throwing their family under the bus. And she's a little too long in the tooth to continue with this poor little daughter, caught in the middle, routine. She plays those people against each other like Eddie Van Halen plays that guitar! Like a PRO! And the constant crying and dramatics need to be saved for the big screen Linds. Hope she did a better job acting on Liz and Dick!

688 days ago

Big D    

She can call me Daddy

688 days ago


Wow. It took him almost a whole day to hunt down a camera and say something. He's off his game! lol

688 days ago


Lindsay Lohan left her mom and their Long Island fight far behind on Thursday to fly to L.A. and hit the red carpet for a Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink launch party.

Facing microphones as she posed for photos, the starlet declared her politics views to reporters.

When asked if about the election and the candidates, she said, "I just think employment is really important right now. So, as of now, Mitt Romney. As of now."

As for why she seemed to be an Obama fan in 2008 and now prefers Romney, she said, "It's a long story."

Her ever-changing hair color is another long story. "It's actually the wrong color than it's supposed to be," said Lohan. "But it's the color of my natural hair and it will get there."


688 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Of course Michael can see Dina screwing there daughter. Michaels been doing it for years so he knows the deal. Michael is just pissed that he's not screwing Lindsay over for money. 💰💰💰💰💰

688 days ago


This whole family is nothing but drugged out, lying pieces of s**t. Lie after lie after lie.
WHY do people want Lindsay to get her career back? She doesn't deserve it!
IF she was smart, she'd cut BOTH her parents out of her life & be done with it.

688 days ago


wouldn't screwing with her head be the same as a head job?

688 days ago


^ Blo on the Pink Carpet last night. Look if you dare.

688 days ago


This family is so messed up. Its no wonder Lindsay has the problems she has with parents like these. Michael is in an abusive relationship with that blonde alcoholic who is pregnant with his baby. That poor kid!!! He is an alcoholic himself and is constantly getting arrested. He is a sorry excuse for a father figure. And Im sorry but Dina WAS either on some kind of drug or just plain drunk when she appeared on Dr. Phil recently. She acted like a complete a**hole and made a fool of herself on national TV. Why is this woman going out clubbing with her daughter all the time??? She needs to be home for her kids like any woman her age should be. Im going to ease up on putting Lindsay down so much. When you look at Michael and Dina . . . . . she actually appears to be fairly well adjusted considering what her parents are like. How could she not have problems growing up with these 2 as parents. Good luck Lindsay, your'e going to need it.

688 days ago


dont these two have other kis to fck Over..
isnt it Alis turn yet?
Lindsay is Busy promoting a energy drink that gives you a good night sleep at 3am.
and flying back to a Place she is Despised...

688 days ago

Celeb Gossip Maven    

Yeah Michael, show your daughter you care about her by exposing nasty family drama all over the internet for the world to see. SInce he has TMZ on speed dial it was the perfect opportunity in his continuing quest to show the world that Dina is crazy and he is a doting loving father. Again he sells out his family because he only thinks of himself. Real Father of the Year material.

688 days ago


This is all set up for her to get attention. This is all she can do. There is no way she doesn't know she's nothing more than a total joke and laughing stock.

Is there a current photo of her where she doesn't look drunk stoned or both? She is looking very bloated and very bad for pushing 27.

688 days ago


I couldn't give a shyte who the Lohans vote for since I'm not interested in these losers opinion. However what pisses me off is the fact that Liarhan was invited to a presidential dinner. Lohans should not be allowed within a mile radius of any event with "white house" "presidential" or "election" in the title.

688 days ago


Michael gets worst parent in the world award and Dina comes in second.

688 days ago
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