TMZ Live Lindsay Lohan's Dad Dina's the Villain, Not Me

10/12/2012 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Lindsay Lohan's Dad ... Dina's the Villain, Not Me

TMZ Live

First, Lindsay Lohan blasted her father -- on TMZ Live -- and now it's Daddy dearest's turn to fire back. Michael Lohan joined us to respond to Lindsay saying he's a deadbeat who's used her for the last time! You gotta hear what he's accusing Dina of doing to LiLo. 

Plus, Justin Bieber pulled a fast one on his fans with an elaborate hoax, and now the question is -- will all those millions and millions of "True Beliebers" ... stop believing? Can they forgive JB.

Also ... porn star Tera Patrick jumps into politics -- and it's pretty damn funny. Wait 'til you see this campaign ad!
(0:00) Michael Lohan joins the show to talk about our explosive interview with Lindsay yesterday -- and right off the bat, he says Dina had her hand up Lindsay's ass during her interview. Yeah, tt's about to get real nasty.
(3:00) Michael alleges Dina was drunk and coked up the night she got into a fight with Lindsay. His words, not ours.
(9:00) Michael doesn't give Lindsay any credit -- doubting she actually goes to therapy and that she'll be better off in five years.
(11:00) Score one for Octomom -- the heinous allegations that one of her older children sexually abused a younger one have been rejected by the DA.
(15:10) Taryn Manning is in trouble -- she allegedly got into a nasty brawl with one of her best friends ... at the same hotel that Lindsay Lohan allegedly hit a guy with her car.
(18:00) Dr. Conrad Murray got an upgrade in jail ... but it's still not enough for him.
(22:00) TMZ Live's Tim is known for pitching some ridiculous stories in our morning meeting -- so we let him re-pitch a few classics for your enjoyment.
(24:10) Justin Bieber's stolen laptop hoax -- which was devised to promote his new music video -- is one of the worst hoaxes of all-time according to Gary.
(29:00) Britney Spears made a TON of money last year.
(34:00) Porn stars Tera Patrick and Ron Jeremy released a PSA to combat a bill that will force porn stars to wear condoms -- and the acting in the PSA is ... well ... as bad as a porn.
(37:05) Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's baby registry has some ridiculously expensive items on it.
(39:00) The floors in yours!