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Dina Lohan

Lindsay NEEDS Protection

Order Against Her Dad

10/15/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1014_lohans_tmzLindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan are squaring off again -- this time because Lindsay's mom is pressuring her to get a permanent order of protection against Michael Lohan.

Sources close to the Lohans tell TMZ Dina's taking her war with Michael to the next level -- urging Lindsay to ask a judge for the protection order to stop her father from having any contact with her whatsoever ... including phone calls, texts, and emails.

Dina's push to legally freeze out Michael comes on the heels of Lindsay's tearful statement -- on TMZ Live -- that she is "done" with her father.

But according to our sources ... LiLo's not down with Dina's plan because she thinks the protection order is too extreme -- and she ain't exactly keen on the idea of marching into a courtroom.  Understandable.

We're told Dina has approached her other children as well (Cody, Ali, and Michael Jr.) ... but it's unclear if they were receptive to the idea.

We called Michael for comment, and ... predictably ... he thinks Dina is the danger to the Lohan kids -- telling us, "I suppose Dina got wind that I want the court and Child Protective Services to investigate her!"


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Suzy Q     

What's going on? It's been a few hours without a new non-story!! I bet Lindsay scraped the bottom of the barrel somewhere, somehow. Come on, TMZ. Do your job!!

739 days ago


She needs protection from momma too. Dina needs to stop living off Lilo and get a job.

739 days ago

Tracy Lalonde    

OMG! This family just gets more and more dysfunctional by the day!!! Now -Dina wants a protection order against Michael!! I thought Dina was the bad one last I heard! Lindsay always flip flops back and forth whether she loves her dad/she hates her Dad. .. Isn't she old enough to be on her own , work on herself and get away from those crazy parents!! They are doing her no favours!

739 days ago


Just as I said by the time the interview rolls around Lohan Inc and the supporting gossip site and shows will have nomiantered her for Sainthood....Saint Lindsay the protechter or children, and abuse women, the homeless ...She will me Mother Theresa and Joan of Arc rolled together.....and they are touting her great comeback .....on Access (well Billy is )the Blonde gal really isn't fan of Lindsay.....LOL....and Barbara tried talking it up on the view, will "she is trying to change and playing the victem card " and someone shot that down...with "Yea trying for 6 yrs" ......but the one I like was Chelsea Handler..who said she would NOT have Lindsay on her new show for any money but she would play for her to go to rehab and get help if she really wanted to go...but Lindsay doesn't want to....wonder if the fact that Lindsay is her one of her ex lovers whores she use to cheat with why the were still together have anything to do with that.....
Like someone said this morning Wash....Rinse......Spin.........and start all over again ..........
One of the biggest nastiest scandels in Hollywood will hit the fan the day the truth comes to light of WHos pulling the strings for Lohan Inc...
Lindsay Lohan is a Vile blackmaier, Hollywood Whore...who has so soul, on sense of repect only ME< ME>ME>ME>ME .....Live her lif the way SHE Wants to....!!! ......No Regrets right Lindsay.....

739 days ago


I just wish somebody could line up the people she "went to school with" to refute the bullying crappola.

739 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Lifetime playing Mean Girls over and over. Proves they already know Liz n Dick is going to suck as$ big time
All this Lindsay pimping out for NOTHING!!

It is HILARIOUS, thou

739 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

The Chelsea Handler commerical for her new studio is PRICELESS!!
When she tells a group of little kids, they will never see that train wreck Lindsay Lohan on her show...Bwahahahhaha!

739 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Not one tweet from Gavin or Milo Jr. in the last 48hrs. Last tweet by Lindsay was Saturday night getting ready to go out for dinner.

SUGE!!!! Bang bang kiddies!!

They all were dueback in NY today

739 days ago


Rut roh! T1, our resident black 'checker' is in da house!

739 days ago


FFS, it is going to be a long haul up until the airing of LiznDick, over a month away. It is obvious now that the grifting Tinker Lohan Clan will be churning out lurid story after tawdry story to keep Blo's name in the news.

They are so far out of reality, have no sense of shame, and will lie and sell each other or anyone around them out to gain any bit of press, no matter how embarrassing or denigrating the story may be.

And apparently there is a press and sponsors there to gobble it up, day after day.

739 days ago


Per Nassau County property records, there are currently four judgments recorded against Dina dating back to 2001.
The 50-year-old has a mortgage loan in the amount of $200,000 from J.P. Morgan Chase for her Long Island home in Merrick, N.Y. She took out that loan in November 2005 and also plunked down a payment of $94,087.28.
Additionally, she racked up another mortgage from Chase on the same date for $500,000.
In 2007, she consolidated and modified her mortgages, with everything now totaling $914,000.
But that's not the end of her financial obligation Dina's had three liens brought against her.
In 2008, two individuals—Antonio Almeida and Mitchell Chait—won a judgment against Dina for $301,715, and a lien was subsequently recorded against her in that amount. Almeida, a Las Vegas-based businessman, sued Dina back in 2007, claiming that he lent her $400,000 to help her jump-start LiLo's fledgling music career but that the then-momager failed to pay up.
Three years later, Long Island law firm Russo & Pedranghelu won a judgment against Dina for $16,169.24, and she was later slapped with a lien in that amount.
LiLo's mom, who has not filed for bankruptcy, has also run afoul of BMW. In 2011, the luxury-car giant recorded a lien against both Dina and her estranged hubby Michael Lohan in the amount of $31,211.84.
But she's a SINGLE MOTHER OF 4!!!!!

739 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Chelsea Handler reveals unwelcomed guests and bizarre Lindsay Lohan offer
Chelsea Handler
October 15, 2012
By: Roz Zurko


Chelsea Handler has her best budy on her new set tonight!


Chelsea Handler makes bizarre offer to pay for Lindsay Lohan to go to rehab and she’d like to see the former Disney kid get away from her parents. In an interview with Access Hollywood published on Monday, when Chelsea was asked if she’d want to interview Dina and Michael Lohan on the "Chelsea Lately Show," her answer was of little surprise.

With Chelsea moving into her new bigger set and doing her first show from there Monday night Shaun Robinson from Access Hollywood had a bit of a chat with the funny lady. As far as Lindsay Lohan’s parents gracing her new set, that’s just not going to happen, with Chelsea saying:

“No, I can’t talk to them,” she explained. “That’s just [a] hot mess. I mean, I really hope something happens for Lindsay.” She continued with “Honestly at this point, I would pay for her to go to rehab,” Chelsea said. “She needs to get away from those parents. It’s terrible.”

739 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Sounds like the Walters interview is going to be a fluff piece and not worth the bother.
@better things to do that night I am sure. Call me when Linds does a real interview........that I would watch.

739 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Man, Lifetime making a HUGE mistake playing mean girls over and over, thinking that would get everyone to fall back in love with the OLD Lindsay. When you search Lindsay on Twitter all you see is,

What happened to Lindsay Lohan
OMG Lindsay is so ugly now
Lindsay Lohan needs to get off the crack pipe
Drugs took a toll on Lindsay Lohan

ALL Negitive on Lindsay, Lifetime is just showing what Lindsay was and what she is today.
Opening ALOT of eyes on how Lindsay has gone downhill fast.

ThatAwkwardMoment when you are watching Mean Girls and legitimately liking it while mourning over Lindsay Lohan. Oh what could've been.

739 days ago


I sure miss Andy, heavy sigh...

739 days ago
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