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Sam Lutfi

Britney Shaved Her Head

To Hide Drug Evidence

10/18/2012 3:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Britney Spears was super-paranoid that her hair contained traces of the hardcore drugs she was using -- and that's why she SHAVED IT ALL OFF during her infamous 2007 meltdown ... at least according to Sam Lutfi.

Sam's lawyer, Joseph Schleimer, has been telling the court ... Britney was a serious drug-abuser ... who had a penchant for crystal meth.

Schleimer suggested Britney was concerned that a judge would test her hair for drugs -- and when it turned up positive, she would lose custody of her kids.

So, Britney ... being Britney ... believed that if she chopped off her hair, she could beat the drug test ... at least that's what Lutfi's lawyer is implying.

Britney's side has yet to respond.


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That's the best reason yet for her shaving her head. Actually makes a lot of sense.

737 days ago

Jay W.     

That's one helluva drastic move.

737 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...omg....tmz!!!!!!!!!!!....don't tell us your going too be putting up every thing this con artist says in court via his lawyers????????????? this girl has been thru the ringer with this monster...she is doing well..has moved on....this can't be good too be splashing this crap all over again..give her a break..and shame on you for giving into Lufti!!!!!!!!!!!!!...stop already!!!!!!!!!!!

737 days ago


If that was a well planned out thing she wouldn't have showed up to a salon randomly one evening, shaving her own hair in front of paparazzi. She would have done it in secret and worn wigs.

737 days ago


Yea right. Try again.....Drugs can also be traced through Urine test, so hair is NOT the only way to find out.

737 days ago


She is a has been.Her face is puffy and old looking. Tme to retire!

737 days ago


There are other tests for drugs besides hair. What a moron.

737 days ago

just because    

that is such old news. like we didn't know this already when that crazy footage of her leaving her house in the ambulance

737 days ago


It sounds like it's some truth to the story because Brit was acting really strange at that time!

737 days ago


This isn't new news. The same story came out after she shaved her head. She got paranoid because K-Fed said he was going to have her hair drug tested and she'd lose custody.

737 days ago


Lies! If that had been the case. She would of shaved her head at home and burnt the hair to discard the evidence, instead of doing it so publicly and leaving perfectly good pieces of hair behind for "people" to test. It makes no sense!

737 days ago


There's no point in shaving your head when there are hairs all over your body. They can test ANY hair on your body. She would have needed to shave her ENTIRE body down to the skin. Waxing is a much smarter option as it completely removes the entire hair. There is always a little hair left outside the skin and a lot left under it when you shave.
Stupid and not well thought out, like most moves celebrities make.

737 days ago

I am Spartacus    

who cares, you were the one getting her hooked on the drugs. I'm sure she did get crazy into drugs, all celebs are around it enough and most of them do something. She's at least recovered and gotten her life on track by getting you out of it. You just wanted to bleed her bank account, get her drugged and have your way with her.

737 days ago


I heard this theory back when it happened.

737 days ago

Rusty Schackelford    

I'm sure it was a fashion statment..she was just making the drapes match the carpet.

737 days ago
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