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Britney Spears Trial

Lutfi Claims Amphetamines

At Root of Brit's Craziness

10/18/2012 2:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The "Britney Spears" trial has officially begun, and right out the gate Sam Lutfi's lawyer told the jury ...  "She liked to use amphetamines.  Most everything that went wrong was because of this drug."

Sam's lawyer, Joseph Schleimer, admitted in opening statements ... Sam used Adderall (an amphetamine) for ADD, but he was adamant, Sam never gave her the drug.

And Schleimer claimed, Sam repeatedly told Britney she needed to get off drugs, to no avail.  Schleimer says Sam wanted to bring a new team in -- he called it "the varsity team" -- to help save her.

And Schleimer says in an attempt to clean Brit's house of drugs, he brought in a drug-sniffing dog and found a baggie of crystal meth.

Schleimer also said Britney's dad Jamie Spears attacked Sam while Sam was working for Britney, punching Sam and knocking the wind out of him.

As for Sam's managerial role with Britney -- Schleimer says Britney approached HIM to be her manager, offering 15% of her total earnings ... $800,000 a month when she wasn't on tour, and MILLIONS when she was.

Schleimer also gives Sam credit for hooking Britney up with her fiance Jason Trawick -- claiming he introduced the two at Jason's Halloween party in 2007.


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Lufti is a loser. He is gonna get crushed in this trial.

737 days ago


So, you KNEW Brit was on drugs, right? You knew what she was taking, RIGHT? But you still handed her a contract claiming that you were her "MANAGER" right? Chad is right, Lufti is a loser and the fact that his "DEFENSE COUNCIL" is trying to use the DRUG ADDICT card is going to cost him the whole thing. Why again is this a trial and with a "JURY"??????

737 days ago


That sick **** was feeding her the dope, he is a dealer not a manager.

737 days ago


Just to throw one more thing out there. If she was of sound body and mind when you signed her on, as your client, how the HELL did she get under the radar and become a drug addict on your watch? Lufti is an idiot, so is his lawyers. If they came out right from the getgo and claimed Family pressure, maybe the "MENTAL" affliction she is dealing with, well that might work, then again, if she was dealing with a Mental condition he STILL can't prove she was competent to sign him on as her manager LOL

737 days ago


This guy is a crooked douchebag, but I honestly believe him about the drugs. She is more than just bi-polar, her facial skin went to crap in those two years she was acting crazy. I wasn't just acne, she had the meth face.

737 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

So this explains why she's crazy. Now who's going to explain why she's so dumb?

737 days ago


Shows how stupid they both are. They could have taken a arm hair pubic hair etc. To test for drugs. They were and are LOSERS

737 days ago


This guy is always out to get weak and vulnerable people. He has his claws in Courtney Love. He has tried to get Lindsay Lohan. Roseanne Barr needs to cut off all contact with him. He is s*** and only drags people down in order to climb his way up.

737 days ago


But the craziness, the drugs, etc., only occurred when Lufti was in her life. He almost destroyed her. And now, she is happy, healthy and successful. Get a job, Lufti.

737 days ago


If she was wacked out of her mind on drugs, then I guess we know who was providing them. If he thinks slandering her is going to take the attention off him, he's sadly mistaken.

737 days ago

Joshua Deveraux    

I hate republicans

737 days ago


Where's the signed contract Lufti? And even if there were, can a person who's mentally unstable sign a contract? You lose in either scenario!!

737 days ago


She was on the drugs that you were supplying, why else would she want you as her manager?
Where do these people find drug sniffing dogs? is there a listing in the yellow pages, or the cop dog does it, or he just goes to the spot where he hid it and said he had a dog come in to find it? He effing took advantage of Britney's instability. I mean who else does he manage?

737 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Believable I suppose - but what is HIS excuse?
What a ********.

737 days ago


The biggest leach of the 21st century, and now he's attached himself to Courtney Love, to the point Courtney was tweeting recently about great Sam was to Britney because he introduced her to some attorneys.
Pure con artist through and through.

737 days ago
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